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7 tips that will help you get cheap plane tickets

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7 tips that will help you get cheap plane tickets

When we want to travel we check new destinations, accommodations and look for the best flights to get to the place we dream of and enjoy a well-deserved rest. But how can we travel without neglecting our economy? Is it possible to travel and save at the same time? The answer is yes! And here we will tell you secrets to achieve it.

Cheap flights: the secrets to enjoy our trip more

Get cheap plane tickets It is essential to reduce the cost of our trip and visit our favorite destinations without affecting our economy and personal finances. Therefore, below we will share 7 very useful tips to get cheap tickets at the best prices on the market.

Choose the destination in advance

Cartagena de Indias? Bogotá? New York? Paris? No matter what our destination is, inside or outside the country, it is advisable to choose it at least 3 months in advance. The sooner we buy the cheap passagesthe greater our savings will be.

What is this about? The cost of flights is governed by the demand for seats: the greater the demand, the higher the prices. If we buy too late, it is likely that there will be few places left and they will be highly coveted by business travelers or people who need to travel for urgent reasons.

Use metasearch engines

Metasearch engines are websites that compare, in a single search, the price of tickets between different travel sites to offer travelers the most economical results. Using metasearch engines allows us to save time and money: in addition to showing us the cheapest offers for any season of the year, it saves us the work of searching in different sites separately. An example of a metasearch engine that works well in Colombia is Turismocity.

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Set alerts

Some metasearch engines allow us to create specific alerts to find out about offers, promotions and cheap flights they offer. In some cases, you only need to subscribe to an email or download an App to stay up to date with the best opportunities to fly.

Be flexible with travel dates

In addition to booking our tickets in advance, it is important that we are flexible regarding our possible travel dates. Flight prices increase significantly on festive dates such as Christmas, New Year or Easter. At the same time, costs also rise during the high holiday season or during global events such as soccer tournaments or large concerts. Therefore, to get better rates, it is best to avoid traveling on these dates or do so during the low season.

Search for stopovers or alternative routes

An excellent option to obtain cheap tickets is to look for flights with intermediate stops. Trips with stopovers, while they can be tedious and much longer than direct flights, are also cheaper. In addition, they give us the possibility of getting to know, at least for a few hours, a new place.

Reduce luggage

Our luggage can also be a saving factor when traveling. It is important to look for those flights that do not include a checked bag. The smaller our luggage is, the cheaper the ticket will be.

Accumulate miles

Most airlines have “frequent flyer” programs that allow us to accumulate points or miles and then redeem them for new tickets. Using these benefits is fantastic to enjoy our favorite destinations more often.

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