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8,000 Mafia Assets Are Missing: SAE Director

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8,000 Mafia Assets Are Missing: SAE Director

Daniel Rojas, director of the SAE (Special Assets Society), revealed that there are irregularities in the inventory of properties that this organization has safeguarded. Of the total, 8,000 goods do not appear. It is noteworthy that this entity is in charge of managing the assets that have been taken from criminals.

Of the total number of missing belongings, eight belonged to Enilce López, a chance businesswoman, remembered as the alias ‘la Gata’, sentenced to 37 years in prison for crimes such as conspiring to commit a crime, for links with paramilitary groups, and aggravated homicide.

In January of this year it was reported that the woman, due to more than 30 pathologies, had had to be transferred to a highly complex care center in Barranquilla. At the beginning of this 2023 she would have had a hypertensive crisis. The woman pays house by prison for the judicial responsibilities that are awarded to her.

“They have given us a quantity of 9,443 pages of real estate registration and comparing them with the inventory we have found that of that universe of 9,400, only 1,600 are found. In other words, there are approximately 8,000 who are not there for some reason,” said Daniel Rojas, in the middle of a dialogue with Noticias Caracol, when talking about the alleged corruption that exists in the Society.

As you mentioned, in the entity’s history there are archived folders, among them, eight pages of real estate registration with annotations of domain extinction. These should appear in the inventory, however, says Rojas, they are not there. “They should have been added to the inventory from the old National Narcotics Directorate,” stressed the director of the SAE.

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Due to this situation, Rojas commented, a new appointment is already scheduled with the Attorney General’s Office to carry out the investigations in this regard. Despite this, he stressed, he feels worried that the circumstances of these events are “getting out of hand.” “It leaves me exposed to corruption. We have serious concerns that there are indications of corruption within the SAE. We want to act preventively ”, he pointed out.

According to the manager, within the assets managed by the Special Assets Company there are currently 1,700 companies and 25,000 properties. Of these figures, only 14% are in full state power. “It is very difficult, also, because there are many for the capacity that the SAE has. In addition to reputation, these goods have by their origin a perception that is difficult for commercialization”, concluded Rojas.

In an interview given to Blu Radio, in recent days, Rojas Medellín had already exposed the situation of the SAE. “We ask for help to clarify the inventory. We asked the Superintendence for the registration pages that could have notes of precautionary measures,” he revealed on the station, also saying that, as a public servant, he does not have the capacity to condemn the facts as corruption or not, since this depends on a accusing entity.

“I cannot act as a prosecutor (…) we will meet again (with the Attorney General’s Office) on February 10 to establish a route and continue to collaborate mutually to make an announcement to the country about these concerns,” he added.

Daniel Rojas, in mid-January of this year, told the information portal La Silla Vacía that anyone could make changes to the SAE, even without having computer knowledge. Any citizen, he denounced, can “make changes to the inventory, browse shared folders and even disappear seized goods from the SAE inventory. Even using my own username”.

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The SAE, he said, has 73.9% vulnerability in its system. “There is a cybersecurity report contracted from the previous administration that they did not inform us of in the joint. I found out about a month ago, in November or December. The consultant that made the report contacted us and informed us about the high security risk we have in the system, ”he stressed. with Infobae

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