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ä¸å›½å†›ç”¨ç›´å ‡æœºç›´-10ME亮相 ä¸“å®¶ï¼šä¸»è¦ ä¹°å®¶æˆ–æ ¥è‡ªä¸œå — 亚ä¸ä¸œç‰ | and ”å ˆæ—©æŠ¥

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ä¸å›½å†›ç”¨ç›´å ‡æœºç›´-10ME亮相 ä¸“å®¶ï¼šä¸»è¦ ä¹°å®¶æˆ–æ ¥è‡ªä¸œå — 亚ä¸ä¸œç‰ |  and ”å ˆæ—©æŠ¥

China Aviation Industry Corporation Group showcased the domestically produced “Z-10ME” attack helicopter at the New Zealand Aviation Expo this year. This marks the international debut of the Z-10ME and has sparked widespread attention from foreign observers.

While China has previously exported this type of helicopter, military experts believe that due to geopolitical factors and market constraints, potential buyers may prioritize countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Africa that are unable to access American military equipment.

A spokesperson for the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) told the media that this is the first time the Z-10ME has been displayed at an international aviation exhibition and the first time the group has showcased a genuine model at a new overseas aviation exhibition. The goal is to “showcase the latest research results of military attack helicopters, and promote the innovation and practical capabilities of the helicopter industry to drive user sales.”

The spokesperson pointed out that the New Zealand Aviation Expo targets the Asia-Pacific region, which is a key market for the group to sell both military and civilian aircraft. In addition to promoting international trade cooperation, the expo also allows for deep integration into the global aviation industry chain.

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