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A Carinthian woman and her husky are successful in “scooter” races

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A Carinthian woman and her husky are successful in “scooter” races

Her name is Martina Haberl and she is 27 years old. His name is Yuma, he is two and a half years old and a male husky. The duo has been whizzing along together for a year. The Klagenfurt woman from Lavanttal stands on a pedal scooter with larger wheels, especially for dog pulling, and lets the male dog pull her. The idea came before the dog and played a big role in the choice based on the breed. “I wanted to have a dog so we could take part in competitions like this. This is the perfect utilization for huskies,” says Haberl.

At eight weeks she got Yuma, which she gave the male dog a name. “His breeding name was Ignatz, but that wasn’t really my thing,” she remembers with a laugh. When the animal is a year old, or better yet a year and a half old, you can start training: “Since the bones are still growing, you have to be careful and not overstress it.” However, you can start with the commands earlier. She taught Yuma the language of the mushers, i.e. people who drive dog sleds. “The important commands for starting running are left, right, stop and go. But also one so that the dog runs past people.”

Victory in their category

The pair’s first race took place a year ago in Slovenia, where they competed at the Memorial Henrika Sečnika. This year they even won in their category. Over 100 participants took part with their dogs in various disciplines. “I was really happy about that,” says Haberl.

The 27-year-old and the male dog will not continue with the pulling dog sport until next fall because the summer months are too hot for the sport. “You shouldn’t do any training at temperatures above 15 degrees. But I’m lucky that my dog ​​loves swimming, so we can keep the muscles strong.”

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In the meantime, Yuma likes to accompany his “mistress” on hikes in the mountains. “And we also do mantrailing together, so he has to look for people, which he really enjoys.” At some point, Haberl would also like to have a second dog, “but that is still open at the moment.”

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