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A Dominican becomes a candidate for the US presidency | AlMomento.net

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Dominican Woman Nominated as Presidential Candidate for Socialism and Liberation Party

NEW YORK – Claudia de la Cruz, a woman of Dominican origin, has been nominated as the candidate for the presidency of the United States for the Socialism and Liberation Party (PSL).

Born in The Bronx to Dominican parents, De la Cruz has proposed an ambitious agenda that aims to “end the rule of the billionaires once and for all.” Her government program includes taking over the top 100 American corporations, eliminating federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and Federal Reserve, taking control over the military, and abolishing the Senate and Supreme Court.

“Let’s end capitalism before it ends us,” is the motto that welcomes visitors to the PSL website, which garnered 85,000 votes in the 2020 presidential elections.

De la Cruz is part of a small group of alternative candidates whose goal is to draw attention to specific agendas and present political ideas different from those of the candidates of the two main US parties, rather than winning an improbable victory.

“The only way we have historically been able to transform something in society is through struggle, through movement,” De la Cruz told The Guardian. She emphasized that working-class people have historically had to fight for their rights, and nothing has been granted by the ruling class.

While De la Cruz’s candidacy may be considered a long shot, her nomination serves to highlight the presence of alternative voices and ideas in the political landscape of the United States.

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