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A family in difficulty above Ospitale

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A family in difficulty above Ospitale

A troubled family stuck on the trail. At about 2.30 pm the Longarone Alpine Rescue was alerted by the Suem power station, for a family blocked along path number 392, above the village of Davestra, in an exposed point with the presence of trees on the ground. Parents and their 10-year-old son, from Longarone (BL), had left Casso for a long ride, but when they reached the point of getting off at Davestra, where they had left a second car, they had come across a stretch of the path that was risky for them. , which did not allow to continue safely. Returning to the coordinates of the position, a team identified them, reached them and helped them to overcome the challenging part, and then returned with them to the valley in about twenty minutes.

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