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¿A machar?

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¿A machar?

The government called marches for February 14 so that Colombians can speak out about the health reform.

Are the streets really the stage? Definitely not.

The reforms that are being proposed require socialization, studies and analysis.

The government cannot ask for emotional and dogmatic support. That is typical of campaign times.

The government must debate its proposals and find support in specialized scenarios, it must hold dialogues with expert interlocutors, not appeal to fervent supporters, who must even take critical positions on the proposals.

I know little about the reform, because they have only made generic presentations, which sell an ideal world.

From the little that has been said, I wonder if it really suits us that health is in the hands of the public in a country where state resources are leaking in the hands of the corrupt.

Many of us were born at a time when Social Security and public hospitals were the only providers.

Do we want to go back to that? Is the proposal of doctors visiting our homes logical? Is it efficient and affordable? Do we really want a State that monopolizes everything? Politicians asking us for votes in exchange for subsidies, medical consultations, education, gasoline, gas, public services and even food? That scenario makes me think of a phrase I heard at a conference on free digital products: “when a service is free, the price is you”.

In states that offer everything for free, the price is freedom. Citizens remain prisoners of the “leaders” in power.

Is that what we want for Colombia? So let’s go out and march, give up our right to ask for information and cede the duty to think.

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