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A minor is used by a gang of women to steal jewelry in Cali

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A criminal gang dedicated to the robbery of jewelry stores in Santiago from caliIn addition to committing this scourge, they shamelessly use a minor to commit their crime.

On security cameras, the girl in question has been recorded sneaking into a store, managing to steal several units of jewelry without being detected, keeping them in a small suitcase, and then leaving without feeling ashamed.

This criminal gang made up of four women, one of them with a baby in her arms plus the aforementioned minor, presumably who were in the affected business premises apparently listing jewelry, according to investigations, has stolen two stores in the capital of the Valle; one in the north and another located in the south of the city.

In both scenarios, this criminal group used the same modus operandi, putting this minor, presumably 12 years old, at risk, using her as decoy.

According to the authorities, this gang has been operating for five months in Santiago de Cali and they are investigating them to quickly find their capture.

Photo: Video Capture


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