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A Molosser escapes and kills another dog, a policeman investigated for having shot and killed the aggressive animal

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A policeman off duty, he fired twice with his service pistol to block the first of two Amstaff dogs who fled shortly before and about to attack a half-caste who was with his master in the courtyard of a house. It happened around 10 on Friday in Fruges di Massa Lombarda, in the Ravenna area. The policeman, on duty at the Polfer of the Florence compartment, as indicated by the local newspapers is now under investigation for killing an animal. The gun was confiscated by the local police station pending any investigations.

The mistress of the Amstaffs, on the other hand, must answer for failure to keep animals. According to what was reconstructed by the investigators, the two Amstaffs, after escaping from their enclosure, first mauled a Pinscher dog who was walking along the street with his elderly master. Then one of the two dogs on the run broke into the courtyard of a private house where there was a mestizo with his eighty-year-old master: here the Amsfatt – a pregnant female – was finally shot down by the policeman attracted by the screams of witnesses. According to what has emerged so far, the man would have said hotly that he had tried to shoot the animal’s legs. The carcasses of the two dogs – Amstaff and Pinscher – were acquired by the Ravenna Public Prosecutor and taken to the zooprophylactic institute.

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