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A new chapter of innovation and a new chapter of cooperation book_Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government

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A new chapter of innovation and a new chapter of cooperation book_Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government
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Warm congratulations on the opening of the 29th China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievements Expo


2022-09-16 08:23


Shaanxi Daily

In the golden autumn season, red osmanthus is fragrant; the event is held again, and guests and friends gather together.

On September 15, the opening ceremony of the 29th China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievements Expo and the 2022 Yangling Modern Agriculture High-end Forum were held in the Yangling Demonstration Zone. With the theme of “Innovation, Cooperation and Food Security”, this year’s Yangling Agricultural Summit will build a platform for agricultural technology innovation, achievement transformation, demonstration and promotion, and foreign exchanges and cooperation, publicize and explain the core concepts of the “Belt and Road” construction, and the effectiveness of the SCO agricultural base construction. It will make positive contributions to promoting the building of a closer SCO community with a shared future, accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively advancing the rural revitalization strategy.

Stick to the original intention and keep the mission in mind. Since its establishment, the Yangling Agricultural High Association has always adhered to the purpose of serving the “three rural areas”. Significant economic, social and brand benefits. The Yangling Agricultural Summit has attracted more than 70 countries and regions, as well as tens of thousands of agricultural-related units in China, tens of millions of merchants and people to participate in the exhibition, and the total transaction volume of participating projects and products exceeds one trillion yuan. For 28 years, the Agricultural High School Association has been playing an important role in promoting my country’s agricultural science and technology innovation demonstration, driving the development of characteristic modern agriculture, and strengthening Sino-foreign agricultural cooperation and exchanges. The Agricultural High Association has truly grown into an international agricultural science and technology event integrating internationalization, marketization and specialization, and its brand value is constantly rising. At present, Yangling Agricultural High Association has grown from a local original industry exhibition to a national 5A-level agricultural comprehensive exhibition. Its brand value has jumped to 87.1 billion yuan, and its brand influence has continued to expand. Yangling Agricultural Summit has become a “wind vane” for the development of China’s agricultural exhibitions and a broad platform for in-depth cooperation and exchanges in the field of international agricultural science and technology.

Adhere to openness and win-win cooperation. The development of China’s agriculture is inseparable from the world, and the development of world agriculture also requires China’s participation. Over the past 28 years, Yangling Agricultural High School has brought more opportunities and injected stronger impetus to Sino-foreign agricultural cooperation and exchanges. Especially in recent years, the participants have focused on cooperation and development, have the courage to explore and innovate, jointly built the Shanghai Cooperation Organization agricultural technology exchange and training demonstration base, and jointly organized a series of activities such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization roundtable on modern agricultural development and the high-end forum on modern agriculture. Exchange experiences and practices of rural revitalization, and strive to build the Agricultural High Council into an important platform for agricultural science and technology exchanges and a model of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Focusing on serving the overall situation of Shaanxi and the country’s opening to the outside world, this year’s agricultural high-level meeting has widely invited representatives of the SCO and the embassies and consulates of the “Belt and Road” countries in China to attend, and organized high-level modern agriculture forums, modern agriculture development roundtables, and SCO agriculture. Expo and other multilateral and bilateral international cooperation and exchange activities, actively build a new platform for agricultural trade capacity cooperation, a new window for the display of characteristic modern agriculture, and a new carrier for the exchange of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, and continuously deepen international agricultural policy, technology, trade, and capacity exchanges and cooperation. The Agricultural High Council will further expand its cooperation with national agricultural-related scientific research institutes, build a platform for the integration and promotion of national scientific and technological achievements, actively integrate into and serve the national diplomatic strategy, and attract more and more international organizations and relevant national government agencies, industry organizations and enterprises to participate. Build an international agricultural exhibition and trading platform.

Build a platform to drive innovation. Yangling Agricultural High Association insists on building a platform for scientific and technological cooperation and promotion, building a bridge for efficient connection of agricultural elements, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerating the promotion of high-tech. Through the dual drive of “technology + marketization”, the Agricultural High Council will strengthen the integration of agriculture and technology, deepen the cooperation between farmers, experts and enterprises, so that agricultural science and technology workers can more effectively clarify the direction and path of scientific and technological research, and make it easier for farmers to find what they need. Technology and products make it easier for enterprises to find partners and find larger markets. The Agricultural High Council promotes agriculture-related universities and scientific research institutions in Yangling to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and actively explore and innovate around ensuring food security and agricultural scientific and technological innovation demonstration, promotion and cooperation. For a long time, these agriculture-related universities and scientific research institutions have cultivated a batch of influential new varieties of wheat, corn, rapeseed, potatoes, etc., and promoted a batch of new technologies with obvious increase in yield and high yield, making important contributions to ensuring national food security. . The brand effect of the Agricultural High Association has been effectively exerted to help the Yangling Demonstration Zone earnestly fulfill the national mission of promoting agricultural modernization in arid and semi-arid regions of my country. The Yangling Demonstration Zone has established 350 agricultural science and technology demonstration and promotion bases nationwide, covering an area of ​​over 100 million mu, benefiting more than 90 million people. The Yangling Demonstration Zone continues to enhance its scientific and technological innovation capabilities and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. It is a demonstration for the modernization of agriculture led by science and technology, explores a new path for building a new pattern of modern agricultural development, and deepens the reform and innovation model of agricultural science and education.

Keep up with the times and have the courage to take responsibility. At present, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing rapidly, and the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” is even more important. The Yangling Agricultural High Association has been focusing on serving the food security nation and promoting the continuous innovation of seed industry technology. Yangling International Seed Industry Innovation Forum is a seed industry exchange platform with international influence, which focuses on the construction of the seed industry Silicon Valley in arid regions and serves the overall situation of the national food security strategy. It is well received by farmers, seed industry researchers and seed industry enterprises. . The new highlight this year is the field exhibition, which comprehensively displays the new achievements of Yangling’s agricultural high-tech integration in the development, promotion, application and experimental demonstration of characteristic modern agricultural industries, and fully demonstrates the positive effects of new varieties of modern seed industry in ensuring food security. Contributions, and comprehensively demonstrate the important achievements made by science and technology to lead rural revitalization and promote industrial development. This year’s Agricultural High-level Conference serves food security at a high level, providing better seeds, delivering good technology, and increasing good fields, further highlighting the distinctive features of the Agricultural High-level Conference’s service to agriculture. Bring more opportunities and inject more vitality.

New journey, new action. As an important window for strengthening international agricultural science and technology cooperation and exchanges, the Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology Conference will better undertake the important mission of demonstration and promotion of agricultural science and technology achievements, and promote the promotion of a more open and innovative agricultural science event with distinctive features, fruitful results and far-reaching influence. Co-organize the construction of agricultural bases, promote Yangling to build the “Belt and Road” international agricultural cooperation center, promote the deep integration of our province into the “Belt and Road” overall pattern, and contribute “Yangling power” to the modernization of my country’s agriculture and rural areas with high-tech leadership and high-level opening up. The world feels the magical charm of the “Olympic event” in the field of agriculture.

I wish the 29th China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievements Expo a complete success!

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A new chapter of innovation, a new chapter of cooperation book




Shaanxi Daily


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