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A number of measures to serve summer travel, Daxing Airport has new measures for convenience_Passenger_Transportation_Bus

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A number of measures to serve summer travel, Daxing Airport has new measures for convenience_Passenger_Transportation_Bus

Original title: A number of measures to serve the convenience of Daxing Airport in summer travel have new measures

With the growth of passenger flow during the summer transport and the increase in flight frequency, in order to flexibly cope with the significant increase in passenger flow during the summer transport, and comprehensively ensure the convenience of passenger arrival and departure transportation, Daxing Airport has taken multiple measures in airport transportation to provide travel guarantees for passengers.

It has been more than two years since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Although the epidemic has rebounded in some areas, people’s daily travel is gradually returning to normal under the background of the overall domestic epidemic prevention and control situation.

During the summer peak season, the performance of the civil aviation industry has attracted much attention. Recently, at the regular press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration, Zhu Tao, Director of the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration, reported that: in July, the civil aviation transportation production continued to maintain a recovery trend, and the industry completed a total transportation turnover of 6.8 billion ton kilometers, a month-on-month increase of 27.5%; The scale of passenger transport has rebounded for three consecutive months, with 33.996 million passenger transports completed, a month-on-month increase of 54.5%.

He introduced: “From the perspective of safe operation, in July, the entire industry completed 778,000 hours of transport aviation flight, a year-on-year decrease of 15.7%; general aviation flight 133,000 hours, a year-on-year increase of 28.3%. No transport aviation accident occurred, and the safe operation situation Overall stable.”

Wilson analyst Xu Hong said: “The summer vacation is an opportunity for the civil aviation industry to bottom out. We also see that from airports to major airlines, a lot of meticulous work has been done to promote business.”

From the feedback from the recent initiatives of Beijing Daxing International Airport (hereinafter referred to as “Daxing Airport”), we can see their efforts.

“Because I live in the north, I seldom come to Daxing Airport. This time I used my points to redeem a ticket for China Southern Airlines to send my mother to Daxing Airport. During the epidemic, the road conditions were excellent and the traffic was convenient. The whole 77-kilometer journey took just over an hour. “

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“The transportation at Daxing Airport is now more convenient than the previous round trips. Taking the Daxing Airport Special Line at Caoqiao Station, it takes less than half an hour from the city to Daxing Airport, which is very convenient.”

On the Internet, there are more and more feedbacks on the convenient transportation of Daxing Airport, and this is only a microcosm of Daxing Airport’s measures to strengthen transportation convenience.

Daxing Airport News Center Liu Lian said: “With the increase in passenger flow during the summer transport and the increase in flight frequency, in order to flexibly cope with the significant increase in passenger flow during the summer transport, and comprehensively ensure the convenience of passenger arrivals and departures, Daxing Airport has taken multiple measures in airport transportation. , to provide passengers with a convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving travel guarantee.”

The reporter learned that a comprehensive transportation backbone network of “five verticals and two horizontals” has been planned for the periphery of Daxing Airport, including 4 expressways (Daxing Airport Expressway, Daxing Airport North Line Expressway, Jingkai Expressway, Jingtai Expressway) and 3 tracks. Transportation (Metro Daxing Airport Line, Beijing-Xiong Intercity Railway, Intercity Railway Connection Line), except for the intercity railway connection line, all have been opened to traffic, and a direct connection to the central urban area of ​​Beijing has been built, covering Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. “.

With forward-looking planning, at present, passengers can choose subway, intercity railway, airport bus, taxi, online car-hailing, self-driving and other ways to reach Daxing Airport. At the same time, Daxing Airport actively coordinated various support units to do a solid job in comprehensive transportation support. In terms of airport buses, with the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, airport buses have gradually resumed Tongzhou Line, Zhongguancun Line, Fangshan Line, and Beijing West Railway Station Line, and the departure frequency of some lines has been encrypted.

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“Daxing Airport operates 4 city terminals, located in Caoqiao, Gu’an, Zhuozhou, Langfang, providing check-in, baggage check, baggage security, flight display, information consultation, etc. for passengers in Beijing and surrounding cities outside Beijing. Liu Lian said that passengers can check in their luggage at the same time when checking in, freeing their hands in advance, and after all relevant procedures are completed, passengers can go directly to Daxing Airport for security check and boarding by means of airport bus or rail transportation.

In fact, since it was put into operation, Daxing Airport has been adhering to the concept of “listening to passengers’ voices and focusing on passengers’ perspectives”, and has extensively collected passengers’ opinions.

Recently, Daxing Airport has sorted out and optimized the guide signs in the parking lot. In addition to beautifying and updating the existing ground signs, it also added signs such as column stickers and glass stickers, and completed the optimization of the corridor guide signs. In the follow-up, Daxing Airport will continue to pay attention to passenger feedback, observe the actual effect of the scene, and continue to optimize the guide signs in the building.

In addition, Daxing Airport, together with the online car-hailing platform and Shouzhong Parking, jointly carried out research on the optimization of online car-hailing guide signs. Liu Lian said: “We have added a new online car-hailing guide logo. The logo uses a striking orange as the background color and matches the footprint pattern, which not only provides clear guidance for passengers, but also adds a bright color to the summer travel of the majority of passengers.”

The summer vacation is not only the peak of civil aviation travel, but also the season of changeable weather and frequent flight delays. In view of the frequent rainy weather in summer, considering that some airport bus passengers still need to walk home or transfer after getting off the bus, Daxing Airport provides free raincoats to passengers without rain gear, which will be printed on the raincoat packaging in the future. It can check the QR code of the bus line, which is convenient for passengers to travel.

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At the same time, in order to cope with the situation of vehicle failure or breakdown due to high temperature and neglect of vehicle maintenance, Daxing Airport has optimized the service items of the parking building and set up an “emergency response service team” in the parking building, with the service commitment of “every minute counts, and we must meet the needs”. , to provide passengers with “tire replacement, tire inflation, vehicle electricity, etc.” services free of charge, adding a little peace of mind to passengers’ travel.

Taking into account the large proportion of students, children and passengers traveling as families during the summer vacation, Daxing Airport actively strengthens the relevant training of parking floor stewards and front-line employees, enhances the awareness of active assistance for special passengers, and guides special passengers Priority is given to boarding through the green channel, and a series of measures such as wheelchair reservation services are taken in front of the car area to bring passengers a more convenient experience.

“In the future, Daxing Airport will continue to focus on the needs of passengers, from the perspective of passengers, combined with the actual situation of the summer transportation, insist on asking for answers on the spot, strengthen traffic protection measures, optimize passenger service content, and create ‘come with pleasure and return with pleasure’ for passengers. travel experience.” Liu Lian said.

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