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A pearl of the Atalantine Miranchuk relaunches Russia, beating Finland

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Russia raises its head after the three-of-a-kind suffered by Belgium at the debut and finds the first three points of its adventure at Euro 2020. Finland is at the expense of this, overtaken in the match in St. Petersburg by a magic of the little Atalanta before the break. For Cherchesov’s team, a fundamental success to keep the qualifying games open. The Russians hooked Finland in the group, which at the debut had imposed itself on Denmark in the match marked by the shock due to the illness of Eriksen and Belgium. Finns not very proactive and too passive: road to the second uphill round. Tomorrow, on the field, the Red Devils with the Danes in the match that completes the second round of Group B.

A few minutes and Var already at work at the Gazprom Arena: Pohjanpalo kicks Raitala’s cross into the net, but the referee Makkelie cancels after reviewing the images. Sigh of relief for the Russians, who take courage and respond with Ozdoev’s attempt, which he spoils from an excellent position and then with Dzyuba’s pole: but there is an offside. On both occasions, an inspired Miranchuk service. Always Russia forward and dangerous with Dzyuba, who misses the winning deviation on the bank by Mario Fernandes. Just the CSKA player raises the white flag for a blow to the neck, Karavaev points out. The Russians lead the maneuver, the Finns take care to close the gates and wait for the right moment to strike from the restart. New thrill in the Hradecky area with the providential early closure of Uronen on Karavaev. At the end of time, Russia’s efforts are rewarded by Miranchuk’s billiard shot: the Atalanta midfielder duets perfectly with Dzyuba and bags at the intersection with a perfect left (47 ‘).

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At the start of the second half, a great chance for Finland with Pukki who in the presence of Safonov is defused by Diveev. Threatening Russians with a nice long shot from Golovin that doesn’t frame the mirror, luckily for Hradecky who was late. Then he tries with the left crossed Zemaledtinov, on the service of the usual Miranchuk: the ball shaves the pole. The Scandinavians risk big on a lost ball in midfield: Dzyuba serves Kuzyaev, the right is foiled by the great intervention of Hradecky. The Nordics raise the center of gravity and increase the thrust in search of equal, but the Russian defense is careful not to allow space. The offensive maneuver of Kanerva’s men produces no danger. Arajuuri tries his head without finding the mirror, but in the recovery it is Cercesov’s formation that touches the doubling with Zhemaletdinov, on Sobolev’s low shot. It ends with the party of the hosts, who are relaunched

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