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A pharmacy in Chaoyang, Beijing was fined for selling low-priced medicines at high prices- 中国工网

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Original title: A pharmacy in Chaoyang, Beijing was fined for selling low-priced medicines at high prices

Workers’ Daily—China Industry Net reporter Yang Zhaokui

On the afternoon of December 7, Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau received complaints and reports from residents, reflecting that the price of the drug “Cefaclor Dry Suspension” sold by a large pharmacy in the jurisdiction has increased. Law enforcement personnel attached great importance to it and rushed to the pharmacy for verification as soon as possible.

The law enforcement officers retrieved the store’s sales records and purchase receipts on the spot, conducted in-depth and detailed checks, and found no price changes. After comparing with the sales receipts and physical photos provided by the informant, it was found that the store sold the low-priced “cefaclox dry suspension” (sales price 26.8 yuan/box) at the same price as the high-priced “cefaclox capsules” ( The unit price is 38.5 yuan/box) for sale, the sales receivable is 53.6 yuan, the actual charge is 77 yuan, and the customer is charged 23.4 yuan more. The pharmacy’s act of charging more than the marked price for the drug has constituted an illegal act of the operator selling commodities at a higher price than the marked price. According to Article 42 of the Price Law of the Republic and Item 3 of Article 13 of the Provisions on Administrative Punishment of Illegal Price Acts, the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 3,000 yuan on the spot on the pharmacy.

In the next step, the Chaoyang Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out price enforcement inspections on the “four types of drugs”, and seriously investigate and deal with price violations that disrupt the order of market prices, such as hoarding, fabricating and disseminating price increase information, and driving up prices by taking advantage of epidemic prevention and control. Typical cases with bad circumstances will be publicly exposed. The Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau once again reminded operators to strictly implement the relevant requirements of the “Beijing Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau’s Reminder and Caution on Further Regulating Market Price Behavior”, further standardize price behavior, and maintain market price order during the epidemic prevention and control period.

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