Home News A priest accused of sexually abusing a minor in Chocó goes to jail

A priest accused of sexually abusing a minor in Chocó goes to jail

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A priest accused of sexually abusing a minor in Chocó goes to jail

The priest Pedro Pablo González Londoño, 70, who was parish priest of the church in the municipality of Puerto Meluk (Chocó) was imprisoned as a result of a criminal investigation that points to him as the alleged sexual abuser of a minor under 7 years of age in the house cural of a church in Quibdó.

The priest was captured in La Merced (Caldas), where he is from.

The inquiries and sworn statements show that on October 20, 2022, the victim in the company of her 6-year-old sister went to the rectory because apparently the priest told them that he would give them sweets and bracelets. Presumably upon arrival he delivered what was promised, but he would have told the younger girl that she was going to take a jar to the kitchen.

It is presumed that when he was alone with the other girl, he took off her clothes and subjected her to humiliation. When she arrived at her house, her mother noticed something strange in the clothes of her minor, so she took her to a care center where she told her parent what happened to her and later to the doctor who attended her.

At the request of a prosecutor from Istmina (Chocó), to be confined in a prison, a guarantee control judge endorsed her.

The priest has two more investigations, one for a sexual act against a child under 13 years of age, in the township of Bahía Cupica in Bahía Solano (Chocó), and another for a violent carnal access attempt to a tourist in the same municipality.

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