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A recipe for coffee with saffron from chef Adem Demir

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A recipe for coffee with saffron from chef Adem Demir

The aroma of saffron is exquisite. This spice is especially valued in the East, but you can buy it in almost any country in the world. Saffron can be added to ice cream, cream and other desserts. It is also used to complement rice and pastries. And why not make coffee with saffron? Try it – maybe you will discover a new favorite taste.

I shared the recipe for delicious coffee cook Adem Demir. According to him, this drink will make your morning special. It is best to drink it in nature – and certainly from a beautiful cup.

A recipe for coffee with saffron

You need to prepare this coffee in Turkish. Pour ground coffee with spring water and cook, bringing to a boil three times. Add the saffron and let it steep for a few minutes, covering the vessel with a lid. If desired, you can also add sugar.

It is advisable to filter such coffee before consumption.


We will remind you of the recipe for a very tasty dressing, which is suitable for almost any salad.

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