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A reprint of the “Canzoniere” of 1890 illegally stolen returned to the Isontina State Library of Gorizia

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A reprint of the “Canzoniere” of 1890 illegally stolen returned to the Isontina State Library of Gorizia

GORIZIA The Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage have returned to the Isontina State Library of Gorizia an 1890 volume that had been stolen illegally. This is a reprint of the famous “Canzoniere” by Francesco Petrarca.

The volume was recently seized from a private citizen residing in Gorizia by the Carabinieri of the Weapon Department specialized in the prevention and repression of crimes committed against cultural heritage.

The asset was returned at the end of an investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Gorizia which led to the identification and recovery of the volume following the constant monitoring of the e-commerce sites that the military of the TPC Nucleus of Udine carry out daily. to counter the marketing of cultural assets of illicit origin.

In particular, an online advertisement relating to a text was noticed whose photographic images showed, on the title page, two showy wet stamps, the most recent of which attracted the attention of the Carabinieri as it referred to the “Biblioteca Magistrale Gorizia “.

Subsequent investigations confirmed that the aforementioned library, established in the Isonzo capital in 1923, adhering to the Italian Federation of Popular Libraries of Milan, had, until the 1980s, served as an updating library for elementary teachers and as an aid to participants in the master’s degree competition, now in charge of the Isontina State Library.

The Director Caburlotto has confirmed the ownership of the Fund mentioned since 2011, coming from the Consorzio Isontino Servizi Integrati (CISI), which in the 1990s had used it as an educational laboratory for the disabled. Finished in the warehouses of the former psychiatric hospital of Gorizia in the Basaglia Park, he was taken over by the BSI, which manages the 8,000 volumes, which concern various disciplines, among which the psycho-pedagogical section stands out.

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Other collections from the magistral libraries of Gorizia and Istria and the Gorizia section of the library of the National Institute of Fascist culture are joined to the actual magistral library. Part of the Staderini alphabetical card catalog, the topographical catalog in several volumes, the loan registers and a series of proprietary stamps are preserved in the magistral library. A dossier with various administrative practices and accounting reports is also kept.

The seller, resident in Gorizia, considered unaware of the public nature of the volume, had inherited it from the descendants of a distant relative originally from Caporetto, now in Slovenia. The man was identified and asked to deliver the ancient book.

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