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A school center on the seafront of Chiavari – international competition of ideas

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A school center on the seafront of Chiavari – international competition of ideas

Delivery by 30 May 2023

The Metropolitan City of Genoa announces an international competition of ideas to acquire creative proposals concerning the redefinition of the area of ​​the sea reclamation of the Municipality of Chiavarian area of ​​great urban and landscape value with good accessibility both in terms of public and private transport.

In the area in question, the construction of the new school center in the metropolitan east.

The overall goal is to redesign the urban waterfront in the east of Chiavari to offer the city a range of qualified services capable of satisfying the needs of citizens and city-users, through a process of urban and social regeneration of the Colmata a mare area.

The design ideas will have to identify a new overall structure of the area, solving the functional relationships with the urban fabric of the city, in particular with the adjacent tourist port, the connection with the historic center, the implementation of principles of sustainable mobility and the redevelopment of the affected stretch of coast.

Within this context, in the defined area of ​​intervention, in addition to the school complex of supra-municipal interest which will have independent accesses to allow citizens to take advantage of its open spaces, gyms, libraries and assembly hall, it will therefore be necessary to provide a series of public services such as, by way of example, headquarters of sports associations, a soccer field, an athletics track, pedestrian and cycle paths, promenades and public green areas integrated and connected with the Lido, with the Port and with the new promenade on the seafront.

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The competition, with an open procedure, is divided into a single level and is open to architects and engineers registered in their respective professional orders or in the professional registers of their countries of origin, qualified to practice the profession, can participate individually or through temporary associations or similar constituent or constituted group-subjects.

Required documents

  • Illustrative and technical reportmaximum 10 A4 pages
  • Graphic designs: 3 tables in UNI A1 format
    Table 1 proposal for intervention at master plan level on an adequate scale;
    Table 2 proposal for reorganization of the intervention area, on an adequate scale;
    Table 3 proposal relating to the school complex and connected functions, on a 1:500 scale.

Evaluation criteria

– Quality (up to 25 points)
– Accessibility (up to 20 points)
– Usability (up to 20 points)
– Naturalness and contribution to climate change (up to 20 points)
– Urban welfare (up to 10 points)
– Economic sustainability: the positive relationship between benefits/quality of the project idea and costs must be demonstrated (up to 5 points)

Rewards and expense reimbursements

– 1st place 52,000 euros
– 2nd and 3rd place 8,000 euros
– 4th and 5th place 3,500 euros

amounts gross of VAT and any other legal charges

Announcement and documentation
[ poloscolasticolevantemetropolitano.concorrimi ]

The expiration dates displayed are the result of editorial activity. The only official dates are those contained in the text of the announcement and/or on the website of whoever organizes or promotes the competition. Always check its validity with the Competition Organizing Body.

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