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A school theme revealed the bully, a teacher acquitted by the accusation of not having supervised

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He had done nothing against the bully who raged in the class and who, in particular, raged on a disabled person. This is the accusation that weighed on a young teacher from a Turin middle school. Until today, when she was acquitted by the court of the Piedmontese capital. The support teacher, on the other hand, had negotiated a year.

The story dates back to 2015-16 and came to light at the end of the school year, when some pupils of a second year dedicated some notes to it on a theme on the concept of equality: “They say that we are all equal but it is not true, there is who takes advantage of others “. The reference was to the companion who enjoyed tormenting a boy with a severe form of disability. Spitting, pinching, obscene gestures. It happened during intermission, in the room where his victim was.

The boys, when the case broke out, said that, when there was no lesson, “the teachers left the classroom or stayed on their cell phones”. And it was the moment when the abuses were unleashed.
The young teacher was called to answer for concurrence in persecutory acts because, according to the prosecutor, she had the legal obligation to monitor and intervene. For her, the prosecution had asked for a sentence of one year and six months of imprisonment.

The defense attorney, Calogero Meli, raised a series of objections. The young woman had arrived at the institute with a legality education project to enrich the educational offer. He was having a trial year. He had no training in the management of the disabled. But despite this she was associated with the support teacher. Which came out of the process by negotiating a year. The professor, on the other hand, chose to face the trial and was right.

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“We heard – said her lawyer – and she was in tears. It is a just sentence that finally restored her dignity. This is a story of mismanagement of human resources. school, not my client “. The perpetrator of the harassment was not charged because he was under 14 at the time. In court he was heard as a witness and apologized to his former partner and his family. He also sent a letter: “I have done horrible things. I apologize.”


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