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A water pipeline under the Piave: off to a two million euro project

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It will cross the river from the municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia, Falzè hamlet, to Nervesa della Battaglia

TREVISO. The work is one of the most significant ever made by Alto Trevigiano Servizi. The pipeline that will cross the Piave from the municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia – Falzè fraction – to Nervesa della Battaglia will complete the line built by the former Consorzio Schievenin Alto Trevigiano in 2003 north and south of the Piave river.

The investment is over 2 million euros. To date, the works for the preparation of the site have been carried out, in addition to the surveys, and the investigation to assess the war risk is underway. It is expected to begin installation work by the end of 2021.

The crossing is located in correspondence with the narrowing of the Piave river, in the locality of Passo Barca in Falzè, on the border between the municipality of Sernaglia della Battaglia and Nervesa della Battaglia (north side of Montello). The pipeline under the Piave will be 350 meters long with a diameter of 80 centimeters. This work will connect the line of just under a kilometer north of the river and the one south of it; the latter is 2.5 kilometers long and reaches the Le Campagnole well field in Nervesa.

In addition to the laying of the water pipeline, further service pipes are envisaged.

The construction site, which lasts about two years, begins in this period to facilitate the construction of the more complex section of the riverbed planned for the winter months, when there will be a lower flow of water; its course will follow, in any case, the seasonal variations in the flow of the Piave.

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The investment is over 2 million euros. In 2019, georadar and geophysical surveys were carried out and, in recent weeks, the site was prepared, the necessary surveys were carried out and the pipes were delivered.

The war risk assessment is currently underway, after which it will be possible to begin with the installation work. It is expected to start by the end of 2021.

The technique used is that of open pit excavation, considered the safest choice for the geology and hydrogeology of the watercourse. Appropriate assessments were carried out on the Piave river flows, using one-dimensional and two-dimensional hydraulic models, in addition to simulations.

“This is a long-awaited work of great strategic importance – explains the president of Ats and mayor of Nervesa della Battaglia, Fabio Vettori – The construction of the pipeline to cross the Piave upstream from Campo Pozzi Le Campagnole and other sections already provided for in the Area Plan, it will complete an interconnection between the area to the north and the south of the river, thus making it possible to connect networks powered by different drinking water sources and closed meshes in the territory “.

In this way, this plan will make it possible to guarantee supply in periods of water scarcity or in the event of groundwater pollution problems from which the supply wells in the lowland areas draw.

Furthermore, we will try to exploit the green energy produced by the water resource. In this regard, the managing director of Ats, Pierpaolo Florian, explains: “With a view to circular economy, thanks to the water supply of the Nervesa water tanks, two turbines will be installed capable of immediately producing 15 kw / h of energy “.

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The construction site will be built in such a way as not to interfere with the surrounding natural environment that falls within the Natura 2000 network site.

“This site has a particular symbolic value being the ancient Port of Falzè, that is the point of passage by boats between the two banks of the Piave, very strategic in the past centuries – says the mayor of Sernaglia della Battaglia, Mirco Villanova – The hydraulic connection that Ats is preparing to carry out precisely in this area, for the benefit of the whole community in such an important area as that of the water supply of a vast territory, makes this work even more significant “.

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