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A young man is arrested on the Island for an alleged pattern of threats to the Uvalde community in Texas | Federal

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College Student Arrested for Making Death Threats to Uvalde Institutions

Victoria Gabriela Rodríguez Morales, a 19-year-old university student from Adjuntas, was arrested by federal authorities for allegedly using social media to make death threats and plan new massacres against hospitals, schools, and other institutions in the Uvalde community in Texas, where a school massacre had taken place in May 2022.

According to a statement made by FBI special agent Kevin Vázquez, almost a year after the massacre at Robb Elementary School, Rodríguez Morales is believed to have commented on the Uvalde Radio Instagram account with the username @pilon_gaby. In her comment, she allegedly claimed that she had warned the former police chief of the Uvalde school district about sending someone to shoot up the schools, but only in Uvalde.

Rodríguez Morales pointed to Salvador Ramos, the perpetrator of the massacre, as her ex-boyfriend and claimed that she had sent him to carry out the shooting when he did not wait for her. Rodríguez Morales also admitted to sending emails containing death threats to officials and warning of school shootings.

The threatening messages allegedly continued even after Rodríguez Morales was detained in 2018 and 2020 in a juvenile detention center. She admitted to the conduct and was eventually released in May 2020 when her family moved to Puerto Rico.

The threats originating from Puerto Rico continued through social media profiles and phone calls. Rodríguez Morales is accused of issuing threats to a children’s hospital and schools, resulting in the temporary closure of a school in Texas.

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The federal prosecutor’s office asked the judge to keep Rodríguez Morales in custody while her case is being resolved, citing a long history of threats and her family’s inability to control her actions.

The defense has until December 12, 2023, to respond to the claim that Rodríguez Morales should be detained without bail on a charge of threatening interstate communications.

The case was presented in federal court on November 22, and an arrest warrant was issued against Rodríguez Morales. The prosecution moved to unseal the warrant, and the motion was presented last Tuesday, November 28th.

The Uvalde community is relieved that federal authorities acted to arrest Rodríguez Morales, and now they await the legal process for justice to be served.

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