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Abdul Majid Abdul Hamid writes: Madani will return… and the believers will rejoice

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Abdul Majid Abdul Hamid writes: Madani will return… and the believers will rejoice

Sudanese Net:

Those who do not believe that the Sudanese army, security forces, and popular resistance brigades will enter Madani victorious and victorious.

Those who rule out that the forces of the Rapid Rebellion Militia will suffer their harshest and most horrific defeats in the history of their war on the Sudanese people… and those who do not rejoice in the sight of the Rebellion Militia dragging the tails of defeat and children to escape from the hell of civil liberation movements… those who rule out all of this are those who thought that the people of Gezira State would raise Banners of welcome and surrender in the face of the fragments of the invading militia… But the good people of the island faced the gangs of invaders with popular solidarity, the spirit of which ran through all the limbs and arteries of the Sudanese people, as popular resistance was the spark of bright anger that permeated the villages and cities of the steadfast land of Sudan.

•Those who rule out the return of Madani are the ones who wove in their sick imagination dreams of controlling all of Sudan… and they thought that the fall of Madani would be the beginning of the fall of dominoes in the middle of our country and the beginning of the strangling of our homeland from its dearest, most secure, most gentle, and tolerant parts.

•Madani will return because in her return, the contract governing Sudan, the homeland, the land, and the human being, will return.

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• Madani will return because the calls of the righteous, the oppressed, the bereaved, the hurting, and the bereaved have continued to haunt the invaders, the gangs, the mercenaries, the traitors, and the conspirators ever since their impure feet set foot on the beautiful land of Sheikh al-Sunni and Hantoub. Since that day, the traitors have not rested their minds. And the agents have not tasted sleep and rest.

•Madani will return because the army and its successors, the Sudanese people, now hold the initiative and know their priorities exactly as they have been since the beginning of this damned war.

• Madani will return because the men who decided and agreed on the holy march to Madani have pledged their allegiance to their Lord for victory…then victory…then victory.

•Madani will return because the men who are now standing on the frontlines of advance and confrontation know that they are on a date to enter history from its widest gates…or Paradise from its widest gates, by God’s grace and mercy.

• The return of Madani will write the tragic end for the rebellion militia and its ally, freedom and change. That is why those who failed the test of honor and dignity turn a deaf ear to the news of victory and the roaring marches of joy.

• With the prayers of those who are patient, the picture of victory will be completed, which will be painted by the pure blood of heroism and the fragrant scent of martyrdom.

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