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Aboubakar is elected to the House, Bossi risks staying out of the Senate: who are the big excluded and the new entries in Parliament

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Aboubakar is elected to the House, Bossi risks staying out of the Senate: who are the big excluded and the new entries in Parliament

There are leaders Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini, Giuseppe Conte and the former Minister Mara Carfagna between new deputies elected in multi-member constituencies of the Chamber and Senate in Puglia. Per Brothers of Italy among the deputies are the MEP Raffaele Fitto, the regional coordinator of the party Marcello Gemmato and Giandonato La Salandra, elected in the plurinominal colleges of the Puglia 4, 3 and 1 Chamber of Deputies. The fourth relative seat of the Puglia 2 college is from Meloni.

Come on Italyinstead, it will be represented by the regional force commissioner Mauro D’Attis and the president of the municipal council of Barletta, Marcello Lanotte for the Puglia 4 and 1 colleges. Lega Salvatore Di Mattina is taken in the Puglia 4 boarding school M5S elects the president from the Puglia 1 plurinominal college Giuseppe Conte and Carla Giuliano, former senator Giammauro Dell’Olio in boarding school 2, in Puglia 3 Easter L’Abbate, in Puglia 4 Leonardo Donno.

Il Pd brings home the multi-member colleges Puglia 2, 3 and 4 with the regional secretary Marco Lacarra, Ubaldo Pagano and the head of the cabinet of the president of the Puglia Region, Claudio Stefanazzi. Green alliance and the Italian left elected the trade unionist Aboubakar Soumahoro, while the third pole will be represented by Mara Carfagna. In the Senate, on the other hand, there will be Giovanbattista Fazzolari and Isabella Rauti of Fratelli di Italia, Licia Ronzulli for Forza Italia, the leader of the League Matteo SalviniMario Turco and Gisella Naturale for the Five Star Movement and the former Minister Francesco Boccia and Valeria Valente.

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The novelty that most catches the eye, however, concerns Umberto Bossi, which after nine consecutive legislatures, starting from 1987, could leave Parliament. Candidate in the multi-member college of Varese, he could be unelected due to a complicated game of remainders. “He is the famous pinball machine, it seems strange to me for the representation numbers, but we have to check”, says the honorable Fabrizio Cecchetti, Lombard group leader of the League. “There is nothing official,” he adds, explaining that we will have to wait for the last counts. In fact, 23 candidates from the League have been elected in the proportional share of the 114 due to the center-right. In the list published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior does not figure the name of Umberto Bossi. In the first plurinominal college of the Lombardy 2 District where the senator he was a candidate as leader, the Carroccio did not get any seats and only one went to the coalition, attributed to the Brothers of Italy, again according to the Viminale website.

Silvio Berlusconi he returned to the Senate and obtained the Lombardy U06 seat, that of Monza, winning over 50% of the votes cast in the entire college. On the other hand, the now ex-senator leaves the scene Emma Boninobeaten together with Carlo Calenda in the single-member boarding school in central Rome by the exponent of FdI Lavinia Mennuni. Among the big excluded of the XIX legislature which is preparing to open the Foreign Minister and founder of Civic Commitment, Luigi Di Maiodefeated in the single-member constituency of Naples-Fuorigrotta by former party mate and former Minister of the Environment M5S, Sergio Costa.

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Outside the Parliament also all the other exponents of Civic Commitment, at a national level still below 1%, such as Vincenzo Spadafora, Lucia Azzolina and Manlio Di Stefano. Only one to get it right Bruno Tabacci, long-time politician and outgoing undersecretary to the Prime Minister, elected from the single-member college of the Lombardy 1 Chamber (Milan). Among the political forces that do not reach the 3% threshold also ItalExit e People’s Union: no seat neither for Gianluigi Paragone nor for the ex magistrate and ex mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris. Just under 3% also + Europe, which however announces a request for a recount. The reconfirmation is missing from the Northern League senator Simone Pillon: «My seat has not taken – he explains – but I am not giving up. I remain at the disposal of the League and the center-right and will continue to defend life, family and Christian values ​​where and as God wills ».

At Palazzo Madama Ilaria Cucchi makes her debut, activist and sister of Stefano, the young man killed in Rome in 2009 while he was in custody, elected with 40% in the single-member constituency of Florence under the symbol of the Green Left Alliance. The president of Lazio Claudio Lotito, elected as a uninominal for the Senate in Molise under the symbol of Forza Italia. Center left side, Pier Ferdinando Casinicandidate for Montecitorio, beats uninominal Vittorio Sgarbi (center-right) in the red fort of Bologna. Except for the former Minister of Economy Giulio Tremontithis time in the running for FdI, beaten by the secretary of + Europe Benedetto Della Vedova in the uninominal college of Milan for the Chamber but ‘fished out’ in the proportional. For + Europe, however, the only other re-elected is Riccardo Magi in Turin.

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Become a senator Andrea Crisanti candidate as leader of the center-left in the foreign constituency for the Senate. “I have never campaigned before, I am satisfied with a very high result that I did not expect”. Among the big names in the Democratic Party, pardon the seat in Parliament Emanuele Fiano, Andrea Marcucci, Stefano Ceccanti, Filippo Sensi e Monica Cirinnà. Out also the former minister of Iv, Teresa Bellanova. Subtraction in the Senate, however, the president Maria Elisabetta Casellati. Mediaset presenter from TV to Montecitorio Rita Dalla Chiesa, blue candidate and elected deputy in Puglia. Negative result for the economist Carlo Cottarelliwhich is saved with the proportional, but is beaten in the single-member college of Cremona by Daniela Santanché.

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