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About 657 whereabouts are expected to be executed during this year in Neiva

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About 657 whereabouts are expected to be executed during this year in Neiva

In order to know the fulfillment of the execution of the components of the Neiva Strategic System and the development plan that will be implemented during this new term, Diario Del Huila, communicated with Faiber Sandoval Cumbe, manager of the SETP, who stated that, So far only 38% execution remains.


By: Johan Edward Rojas Lopez

This validity will be essential to conclude the development plan established in terms of road infrastructure and operability. Within this, it is expected to leave a large number of bus stops in the city executed, in addition to a new transportation scheme.

Manager, what is the percentage of compliance in the execution of the components of the Neiva Strategic System compared to the development plan?

We have an advance of 62% and about 38% remains from that execution. What is needed is aimed at operational issues because the road infrastructure part has already been intervened. Then everything will be aimed at the operation of the system.

Faber Sandoval Cumbe, gerente del SETP

Bearing in mind that this is the last year of governance of the elected mayor, what are the specific points that will be worked on during this term?

For the present term, the managing entity has framed within its action plan to finish one of the largest components that the project has, that is, the road infrastructure. As of 2022, interventions were made in terms of platforms and pedestrianization corresponding to the Second race between Avenida la Toma and Calle Quinta. In addition, interventions were made in the Eighth Street corridor in order to articulate the existing pedestrianization with a new one.

In such a way that the two strategic transport axes that are the Seventh and Second races were articulated, for which, we only have one intervention left in terms of road infrastructure that corresponds to the implementation of the priority lane on the seventh race corridor. There, some detailed studies are currently being carried out to find out the current state of the vehicular bridge at the top of the Río del Oro and based on the results and the feasibility of carrying out some type of intervention on the current vehicular bridge, the actions will be projected in order to to expand each of the lanes to three carriageways and create corridors for bicycle traffic – users and for pedestrian traffic.

When would that be?

We would be talking that for the second semester of the current term, a process of road intervention could be structured there. With this we would close what corresponds to the road infrastructure component of the Public Strategic System.

And in the operational component?

Indeed, the operational component that refers to what is related to the implementation of the Strategic Transportation System is currently being developed. There, the year immediately before, we, as the managing entity, acquired two properties and another was given by the municipality of Neiva. With this, technical studies and designs are currently being developed in order to know in detail the type of infrastructure to develop the patios and workshops. These buildings are where they will rest, start and finish the route tours that the service is providing. Once these studies and designs are completed, the contracting stage for construction and audit contractors will also begin.

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The previous year a consultancy was also developed in order to know the current state of both the technical operation and in terms of software and hardware of the traffic light unit, as we remember that there was an investment that was made in 2014 where a power station was built traffic light in the facilities of the Ministry of Mobility, which currently does not work.

And what happened to that?

We did a consultancy in order to know the current state and what would be the tools to be able to repotentialize it. The result showed that the construction of a new traffic light center in the city of Nieva is required to interconnect new traffic light intersections and that all this is connected through fiber optics where the entire traffic light network of the city can be controlled. Under this logic, it is up to us, together with the Ministry of Mobility, to structure the project so that in the present term the contracting processes can be advanced and that the city of Neiva has a fully updated traffic light network so that it can meet the need for city ​​mobility.

Manager, speaking of these works, we have seen that the Segunda race is still undergoing intervention. What happened, then they hadn’t delivered anymore?

Two specific aspects must be made clear to the entire community. The central management entity develops works within the framework of the Land Management Plan and we do what is proposed. Interventions in various areas obey the guidelines stipulated and provided for in the city of Neiva.

In this order, the road profile that was implemented in the corridor of Carrera Segunda is established by the Municipal Planning Secretariat. In addition, after the contract was terminated in December of the last term, we as the management entity carried out a tour of that route with the entity’s supervisors and the supervisory body in order to receive the works. In this procedure, a series of findings or inconstancy of the works arose, for which reason, specific activities are carried out to date.

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We have an advance of 62% and about 38% remains of that execution “

But then the work has not yet been received?

At this time we have not received the works because the pertinent corrections are being carried out, in such a way that they comply with the technical specifications and that they are safe, functional and useful for the moment of putting them into service for the Neivana community. They have until mid-February for them to make these types of adjustments and we proceed with the satisfactory receipt of the contracted works at the time.

There is talk of a new transportation scheme. How is the issue progressing?

There are some studies related to the fleet management and control system, all the technology that the buses must carry and the new public transport scheme. There we are hiring a consultancy and we hope that in this first semester of 2023 we will have the results of it so that in the second semester of this validity the project will materialize and start in shape together with these infrastructure and technological tools and after that we will sit down. with the transporters and generate our roadmap so that the new Neiva transport scheme begins to roll.

A parking issue is also being raised. How would this project be developed in the city?

We are going to implement three types of whereabouts for Neiva. Some types of flags that are very similar to signs where you can find information on the origin and destination of the routes that pass through that sector. Other slightly larger whereabouts require more information since a greater number of routes pass through there and this allows users or inhabitants of the sector to know which routes they will find at those points and where they can take them.

In addition, there will be other M-10 bus stops that are normally used throughout the country, which have benches, tents and are equipped with advertising material so that they can be located in the downtown area of ​​the city. and in some sectors to generate these bays so that they can have public spaces that allow users to easily and simply access the transportation system, but also provide timely information to the community in general.

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Would this project be developed during this term?

Yes sir, this project was approved on December 28 by the Ministry of Transportation and we are waiting for the process to be processed before the Board of Directors for the appropriation of resources and to be able to initiate the contracting processes in February, in such a way that that in April we can already have a contract in execution that will build around 567 bus stops in the city of Neiva. The goal would be to deliver them in the month of October of this term.

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How important are these whereabouts for the city of Neiva?

This is part of the operational scheme of one of the technical utilities that these bus stops have; remember that the new public transport scheme establishes that through these points people will have access to the public transport system. It is about eliminating the fact that the new route scheme of the transport system has to stop at each of the corners, that is, that they will do so punctually at these stops and this optimizes times, displacements and generates order throughout the provision of the service. service, therefore, it would become efficient and effective.

The new Land Management Plan is being developed and consolidated. How do you articulate in the face of this given that you will have to think about new works?

This new scheme has already been articulated together with the formulators of the POT, not only for the operation of the system, but also for those areas where it is planned to expand as urban zones. In such a way that, the idea is that the coverage of the new Public Transportation System reaches all those sectors that previously did not have any type of coverage in order to satisfy the transportation needs of the entire Neivana community throughout the entire urban territory.

“The goal would be to deliver the whereabouts in the month of October of this term.”

Finally, public transport in the city has been perceived negatively on many occasions, even the drivers themselves speak of the terrible state of the roads and insecurity. What articulation is handled in this sense?

We hold periodic roundtables with the Mobility Secretariat and the transporters’ union. We understand that post-pandemic there is a new dynamic not only in Neiva, but in those intermediate cities or those that implement massive systems. This has greatly reduced the number of trips on public transport and these people have migrated to other types of services.

What we have sought through these meetings is to create these spaces so that the number of public transport users who have been affected by the great growth of transport platforms and in addition to informal transport can once again be strengthened. . This is articulated with the Secretariat of Roads and Infrastructure so that they can carry out the interventions in those corridors that are needed.

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