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‘Absolutely disgusting’: Rain of worms forces flight to turn around in Amsterdam

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‘Absolutely disgusting’: Rain of worms forces flight to turn around in Amsterdam

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit were left in shock after worms rained down on them, forcing the plane to turn around and return to the airport. The incident was reportedly caused by a passenger carrying a tote bag filled with rotten fish and larvae. The horrified travelers described the experience as “absolutely disgusting” and complained that the flight crew did not take immediate action to address the issue.

According to a passenger named Nisha_16 on Reddit, the worms were landing on people’s heads and contorting in the seats. The owner of the bag reportedly did not leave the plane with the other passengers at the end of the flight. Additionally, passengers took to social media to express their outrage, claiming that the crew seemed to be laughing and talking while they were stuck on the plane without being offered water for almost three hours.

In response to the incident, Delta Airlines issued an apology to the affected passengers and confirmed that the rotten fish and worms were discovered in the bag. The airline stated that the plane was returned to the gate, and the passengers were placed on the next available flight. The aircraft was also removed from service for cleaning.

This is not the first time Delta has faced problems, as last month, a front wheel came off one of their Boeing airplanes, and last year, some passengers required medical attention due to strong turbulence. The airline’s response to this latest incident will likely be closely scrutinized, as passengers demand accountability for the distressing experience they endured.

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