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Abuse of an elderly woman, a 57-year-old caregiver arrested

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The woman was 90 years old and suffered from Alzheimer’s

CANAVESE. For months and on several occasions, a 57-year-old Italian caregiver residing in a village in the lower Canavese allegedly sexually abused a ninety-year-old retired woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. The carabinieri of the Chivasso operational unit arrested him last Friday at the end of a delicate investigation that went on for a couple of months.

The images of what happened in the old woman’s apartment nail him to his responsibilities. Images that confirmed the suspicions of the pensioner’s support administrator. The man had understood from the confused stories of the elderly woman who alternates brief moments of lucidity, with meaningless memories and hallucinations, that there could be a problem in the behavior of the caregiver. So in order not to remain in a terrible doubt he had told everything to the carabinieri. The delicate investigations started last August and led to the discovery of the terrible truth and the arrest of the unsuspected caregiver.

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