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Accelerate the improvement of the housing security system and accurately implement the preferential policy of buying and renting houses | Opinion_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Accelerate the improvement of the housing security system and accurately implement the preferential policy of buying and renting houses | Opinion_Sina Finance_Sina.com

On August 16, 17 departments including the National Health Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Guiding Opinions on Further Improving and Implementing Active Birth Support Measures” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”), calling for the acceleration of the establishment of an active birth support policy system. Provide strong support for promoting the realization of a moderate fertility level and promoting the long-term balanced development of the population.

The “Opinions” proposes to thoroughly implement the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting support measures, comprehensively implement policies, make precise efforts, and improve and implement active fertility support measures such as finance, taxation, insurance, education, housing, and employment.

The “Opinions” make it clear that in strengthening housing, taxation and other support measures, speed up the improvement of the housing security system, and accurately implement the preferential policy of buying and renting houses.

A number of analysts interviewed by reporters from Securities Daily believe that the Opinions will play a positive role in the follow-up and promotion of policies on housing for three-child families.

Further promote the same rights of hire and purchase

The “Opinions” propose to speed up the development of affordable rental housing, and promote the solution of housing difficulties for new citizens, young people and other groups. Further improve the support measures of public rental housing guarantees for promoting active births. When allocating public rental housing, families with minor children who meet the conditions can be given appropriate care in the choice of house type according to the number of their minor children; optimize public housing. The rental waiting and allocation rules include the number and composition of families as factors in the queuing ranking or comprehensive scoring, and families who meet the conditions and have a large number of children can directly organize the selection of houses; improve the public rental housing exchange policy, If the public rental housing needs to be exchanged for reasons such as increase, employment, and children’s schooling, it shall be exchanged in time according to the housing situation.

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Li Yujia, chief researcher of the Guangdong Housing Policy Research Center, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that public rental housing is for urban permanent residents and low-income families with difficulties. It is characterized by low rent and small size (usually 60 square meters The main assessment during allocation is whether the household income is lower than the disposable income of urban households. This policy breaks through the previous regulations on public rental housing.

According to Li Yujia, according to the content of the “Opinions”, on the one hand, the number and composition of households have been added to the public rental housing allocation rules and assessment indicators, that is, those with minors, especially two or more minors, will be given priority. On the other hand, for public rental housing with a slightly larger size, priority is given to families with multiple children. The purpose of the policy is to give full play to the advantages of public rental housing with low rent and excellent facilities, reduce living costs, and increase residents’ disposable expenditures on childbirth, parenting and education.

Song Hongwei, research director of the Tongce Research Institute, told the “Securities Daily” reporter that throughout the “Opinions”, one of the more core ones is to promote equal rights for hire and purchase, that is, “same right for hire and purchase”. If we can truly achieve the same right to rent and purchase, at least in the short term, we can vigorously promote the rapid development of the housing rental market, and even reverse the traditional home buying logic developed by “the mother-in-law wants to buy a house” to a certain extent.

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“Population policy and housing policy match development, keeping pace with the times is the basis for implementing population policy and realizing the real estate sector to support rigid needs and improve the real needs of group housing.” Song Hongwei further stated that there are currently many small-sized houses in the rental market. To take care of families with multiple children, we must make adjustments to keep pace with the times and increase a certain percentage of multi-room and large-area housing, which is the fundamental way to truly meet the practical needs of families with multiple children.

Optimizing policy coordination

The “Opinions” make it clear that the preferential policy of buying and renting houses will be implemented accurately. The housing policy is tilted towards families with multiple children. For families with multiple children who do not own a house and rent a house in the deposit city, they can withdraw the housing provident fund according to the actual rent expenditure. Appropriately increase the housing provident fund loan amount and other related support policies.

In this regard, Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that in the past, policies were more focused on public rental housing and other fields, but now they are inclined in terms of provident funds and house purchase policies, which shows that The support for the housing policy for three-child families is more comprehensive, precise and pragmatic.

In fact, long before the “Opinions” were issued, many policy innovations and pilot projects had been introduced in various places. For example, on April 25, 2022, the Wuxi Municipal Health Commission issued the “Notice on Actively Promoting the Improvement of Living Conditions for Families with Two or More Children”, relaxing the purchase restrictions for families with two or more children. In the follow-up, cities such as Hangzhou have also clearly increased the loan amount of the provident fund for three-child families.

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Yan Yuejin said that the active housing market for three-child families in the future is an important content that deserves attention.

“The current real estate market is in a period of bottoming out and recovery. When looking at the real estate market from a medium and long-term perspective, we must observe the factors of population structure. Under the optimization of housing policy, it is bound to have a positive impact on population size and family structure, especially in some provinces. The proportion of three children in the birth population, etc. From this point of view, it can be seen that the optimization of real estate policies—improving housing environment—reducing living costs—increasing the birth rate of three children—increasing population size and optimizing family structure—forming new demographic dividends for real estate The positive circulation mechanism of the government has been clearly seen.” Yan Yuejin said that the “Opinions” not only absorbed the innovative practices of some localities in the past two years, but also provided policy guidance for the active practice of various localities in the next step. Policies on housing for three-child families will increase significantly. (Securities Daily)

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