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accident claimed the lives of athletes and their families – DIARIO CRONICA

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accident claimed the lives of athletes and their families – DIARIO CRONICA

Place where the accident occurred.

This April 12 and 13 of this year, at the Totoracocha Sports Complex in the city of Cuenca, the “20th Cuenca Open International Taekwondo Championships” takes place; In this framework, a delegation from the Initiation Schools of the Loja Sports Federation decided to travel to take on this new challenge in search of strengthening their knowledge and increasing their competitive experience for future events.

However, destiny had other plans: the Loja delegation – athletes between 8 and 12 years old – of the taekwondo discipline, together with their families, left early on Friday, April 12, 2024, heading to Cuenca, without imagining that an unfortunate traffic accident would put an end to the illusion. The incident occurred near the San Felipe River, Oña canton in the province of Azuay, provincial border with Loja.

The relief agencies indicated that the overturn occurred between 8:00 a.m. and 8:15 a.m., and was reported at 8:23 a.m. in the ECU-911 Integrated Safety System.

Apparently, the loss of brakes on the bus—belonging to FedeLoja—would be the cause. Likewise, it should be noted that this is not the first time that the place (closed curve) has become the scene of mishaps of this type.

To provide care, an ambulance from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) of Nabón, 1 ambulance and 1 rescue vehicle from the Nabón Fire Department, 1 ambulance from the Oña Fire Department, 2 ambulances from the Cuenca Fire Department, 1 ambulance from the Saraguro Fire Department, 1 arrived at the site. National Police patrol car and 1 patrol car from the Ecuadorian Traffic Commission (CTE).

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After the rescue of more than a dozen injured people – from inside the bus and the waters of the tributary – the victims were transferred to different health homes, some with a reserved prognosis; Subsequently, with the authorization of the authorities, they carried out the removal of the bodies: two minors and two adults (three women and one man). The driver was also taken to a hospital, in stable condition and under police custody.


The Minister of Sports, Andrés Guschmer, indicated that he is shocked by the news; “Now we must wait for the information from the Sports Federation and from the Ministry we will support all those affected,” he declared during an interview.

For its part, FedeLoja, through a statement, expressed its solidarity with the families of the athletes. Managers and administrative staff were at the scene, providing the necessary contingent to care for the victims.


Parents and citizens emphasize that the institution’s buses have already reached their useful life; but, since they no longer exist, they must make use of them. They hope that the authorities provide explanations for the maintenance of the units where they transport athletes of all ages. So far, there is no statement regarding the issue. (YO)

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