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Accident in Feltre with an articulated lorry, Feltrina closed

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Accident in Feltre with an articulated lorry, Feltrina closed

Regional 348 Feltrina barred for hours at the gates of Feltre due to a road accident which took place in the late morning of today, Monday 5 December. An articulated lorry skidded sideways and with the tractor partially off the road, blocking the carriageway at the height of the Lock of Anzù. There are no people injured in the accident, which occurred while it was raining. The road was only fully reopened around 4.30pm.

The local police of Feltre at the Anzù roundabout stop the passage

Upon receipt of the incident report i fire brigade of Feltre intervened to resolve the situation and restore the roadway but the operations took a long time: to remove the heavy vehicle and restore circulation along the road connects Feltre to the province of Treviso the intervention of the crane was necessary.

Vehicles stopped at the Anzù roundabout closed due to the accident that occurred further on in a southerly direction

The agents of local police of Feltrewho have been operating for the surveys, have also closed the access to the Feltrina to the Anzù roundaboutmaking cars and heavy vehicles go back in the direction of bushes. The impact on traffic due to the accident was severe.

Around 4.30 pm the intervention for moving the heavy vehicle and for cleaning and restoring the roadway was completed and the Feltrina has been reopened to traffic.

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