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Accumulated turnover of 8.492 billion yuan, the national carbon market has been running smoothly since the start of the year – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Guangming.com (Reporter Cai Lin) “The national carbon market is an important policy tool for implementing the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and an important engine for promoting green and low-carbon development.” On July 21, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a regular press conference , Liu Youbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and director of the Department of Publicity and Education, said that as of July 15, 2022, the cumulative transaction volume of carbon emission allowances was 194 million tons, and the cumulative transaction volume was 8.492 billion yuan.

Liu Youbin introduced that since the official launch of online trading on the national carbon market on July 16 last year, the market has been running smoothly. A total of 2,162 key emission units in the power generation industry were included in the first compliance cycle, covering an annual carbon dioxide emission of about 4.5 billion tons, which is the largest in the world. Covering the largest carbon market in terms of emissions. At present, the construction of the national carbon market has made positive progress:

The first is to initially build a national carbon market system, forming an integrated management framework of “allowance allocation-data management-transaction supervision-law enforcement inspection-support platform”.

Second, the incentive and restraint effect of the carbon market has initially emerged. Through the market mechanism, for the first time, the responsibility of carbon emission reduction has been implemented to enterprises nationwide, which has enhanced the enterprise’s low-carbon development awareness of “carbon emission has costs and carbon reduction has benefits”, and effectively played the role of carbon pricing.

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The third is to crack down on falsification of carbon emission data. It organized and carried out special supervision and assistance for the quality of carbon emission reports nationwide, and disclosed to the public the typical cases of carbon market data fraud, which effectively played a warning and deterrent role.

The fourth is to become an important window to demonstrate my country’s active response to climate change. The national carbon market is not only a policy tool for my country to control greenhouse gas emissions, but also provides a reference for developing countries to establish a carbon market.

“The construction of a national carbon market is a complex and systematic project, and a pioneering undertaking from scratch. It is still in its infancy.” Liu Youbin pointed out that in the next step, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will adhere to the national carbon market as a control greenhouse The working orientation of gas emission policy tools, continue to strengthen the national carbon market laws, regulations and policy system, actively promote the promulgation of the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Carbon Emissions Trading”, and improve the supporting trading system and related technical specifications. Strengthen data quality supervision and operation management, establish and improve information disclosure and credit reporting punishment management mechanisms, and increase punishment for violations of laws and regulations. Continue to strengthen the construction of market functions, gradually expand the coverage of the national carbon market industry, and enrich trading entities, trading varieties and trading methods.

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