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Actively enrich the anti-monopoly supervision force to create a good competitive environment for enterprises

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Original title: Actively enrich anti-monopoly supervision and create a good competitive environment for enterprises

On November 18, the National Anti-Monopoly Bureau was officially listed. This is another major move after the institutional reform of the State Council in 2018 and the launch of anti-monopoly law enforcement this year. It reflects the Chinese government’s efforts to strengthen anti-monopoly law enforcement and maintain an open and fair competition order. determination.

Strengthening anti-monopoly and in-depth implementation of fair competition policies are the inherent requirements for improving the socialist market economic system. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategic goal of building a modern economic system. The modern economic system must be an open rule of law, based on fair competition, and be able to promote my country’s economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development. In the era when the speed of development was emphasized, the importance of anti-monopoly work was downplayed. However, after entering the new era, strengthening anti-monopoly and in-depth promotion of fair competition policies are closely related to building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, and promoting common prosperity. Therefore, , We must recognize the strategic nature of this work.

Strengthening anti-monopoly and in-depth promotion of fair competition are the prerequisites for the establishment of an effective market. To achieve the goal of an effective market, supervision and law enforcement must be implemented and combined with effective governments. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the fair competition system, reform the market supervision system, strengthen anti-monopoly supervision, promote the construction of a high-standard market system, and promote the formation of a unified, open, and orderly competitive market system. The establishment of the National Anti-monopoly Bureau can effectively improve the professionalism and efficiency of anti-monopoly law enforcement, but priority should be given to enriching anti-monopoly supervision and strengthening anti-monopoly capabilities.

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Fair competition is the core of the market economy. High-quality economic development depends on innovation. If there is no market order for fair competition, market players cannot be encouraged to innovate. Even some monopolistic enterprises will suppress the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. “. Only by realizing fair competition, preventing the disorderly expansion of capital, and maintaining market order can we stimulate the vitality of various market entities, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, and help build a new development pattern and achieve a high level of self-reliance.

The prerequisite for the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources is that the market must be fair, ruled by law, and open, otherwise it will not be able to perform the function of high-efficiency and high-quality resource allocation. Strengthening anti-monopoly and in-depth promotion of fair competition is to use the rule of law thinking to lay the foundation for fair market competition by improving legislation, strengthening law enforcement, and strengthening supervision, and promote the effective allocation of resources.

The infringement of monopoly on the rights and interests of consumers is obvious. Monopoly will cause consumers to lose their right to choose and give monopolists the ability to suppress competitors, manipulate prices, and control the market. If there is no effective government that transcends the market to maintain the order of fair competition in the market, and if consumers and third-party agencies are not given the ability to reasonably protect their legal rights and interests, too powerful monopolies will damage the rights and interests of consumers and competitors and distort resources Configure and hinder technological progress. Only by encouraging fair competition and stimulating market innovation can we promote high-quality development and enhance the international competitiveness of China’s economy.

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At present, there are many fields in China to strengthen anti-monopoly and promote fair competition in depth, and the market is also extremely looking forward to this work, especially private enterprises. First, it is necessary to provide a fair, transparent, and predictable and good competitive environment for various market entities, especially in terms of access policies, and a clear and rule-of-law negative list must be provided in a timely manner. Secondly, we must handle the relationship between industrial policy and competition policy. China has always been accustomed to industrial policy to dominate industrial development. However, industrial policy cannot surpass competition policy. Instead, fair competition must be placed above industrial policy, especially in a timely manner. Some unreasonable local industry subsidies and preferential policies to avoid unfair competition.

In the field of digital economy, due to the powerful network effects of the Internet, platform-based companies often master and monopolize massive amounts of personal data, which makes it easier to form a monopoly. Therefore, follow-up supervision and research on such companies must be strengthened to establish a clear The system of data property rights and the market of data elements construct a fence of the rule of law in this new field. At the same time, platform-based companies are more likely to use their own networks to expand disorderly, use capital advantages to compete with the real economy by unfair means, and even some platforms use network advantages to squeeze and buy some small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, this area is a key area for anti-monopoly and to stop the disorderly expansion of capital. It is also an area that requires legislation to explore. It is necessary to do a good job of coordination and balance, and at the same time pay attention to development and regulation.

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The newly established National Anti-Monopoly Bureau is faced with major legislative, law enforcement, and supervision tasks and challenges. It should actively enrich the anti-monopoly supervision force, let the anti-monopoly law grow teeth, forcefully regulate market competition behavior, and promote the construction of a strong domestic market , To create a fair, transparent, and predictable and good competitive environment for enterprises, and to be a good night watchman for the market.


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