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Actor Danilo Carrera confessed that he has a new girlfriend

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Actor Danilo Carrera confessed that he has a new girlfriend

The Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera participated in an interview with the Venezuelan actor and television presenter as well. Alejandro Chabánwhere he confessed that he has a girlfriend.

Danilo Carrera said that he is in love and that together with his girlfriend they went to Cancunwhere they bathed together in the sea without caring about the “paparazzi” taking photos of them.

Danilo Carrera also spoke about amor for his family and what he has had to do to go through with his mother Elsa Huerta, who had cancer.

Danilo greatly highlighted his love for his mother, and said that he left everything in Mexico, including his apartment, contracts and his career, to spend with her in Miami. USA.

“I really enjoyed this process. “Leave everything, stop being the single son who was in Mexico to be the son who was at home,” he commented.

The artist’s mother “already rang the bell” in the health process she faced, although the process continues and there is still a long way to go. For almost two years he fought against the disease.

Danilo Carrera and details of his new girlfriend

Regarding his current love relationship, he indicated “I think it is the happiest thing that has made me in life.”

“I’m so happy, I mean I’m so in love I really want to keep it to myself for as long as possible,” said the Ecuadorian.

“I am in a very beautiful relationship with a girl that I love, who makes me happy, who makes me laugh, who has a spectacular smile, who makes jokes with me, and who looks like me (laughs) because she is crazy like me.” ”said Danilo Carrera.

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Although her name has not been revealed, she said she is super tall, athletic, and speaks four languages. One fact that caught her attention is that she said that her family has “castles and titles.”

The 35-year-old Ecuadorian actor has had several partners, including the Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios, former miss Universe; Venezuelan actress Angela Rincon; y Michelle Renaud.

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