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Actual storms and presence of storms – breaking latest news

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Actual storms and presence of storms – breaking latest news

“Coherence between saying and doing is essential to escape this strong wave of torture, which bury us alive, with the makeup of boiling falsehood.”


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Dealing with what is coming our way is a matter of human rights; or if they want, of civic obligations. We have promised ourselves to act and then… everything remains in a vacuum. Passivity is great. Nothing moves us or moves us. Both the blue of the sea and the crystalline horizon, the fronds of the earth or the rainbow of dreams, we have turned into bowls of dust with alphabets of apathy. As a result of this nervousness of not doing, insecurity is manifest, even though we have the most powerful technology in history. There is talk of the just transition towards a green economy, but we do not go beyond the concepts. We are unable to banish real storms and present torments. We lack a clean, healthy and sustainable environment; leaving us borders and fronts in useless battle, that all they do is make us more distressed.

However, it is never too late to make amends and start the change in the way of life. From the storms and torments that we humans graft onto each other, we also come out with a heart-to-heart healing. The atmospheric patio tells us that we must enter our interior rooms, to cultivate the love of loving love, the only medicine against the spirit of worldliness; A whole culture of appearance, which does not work on fidelity and which sells itself for money, without caring about the world of the underprivileged. Faced with this embarrassing situation, I think it will do us good to reflect on how we move and act in our daily lives. Coherence between saying and doing is essential to escape from this strong wave of torture, which buries us alive, with the makeup of boiling falsehood.

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In any case, fainting is the last thing. Let’s get the courage of the living. Certainly, if one of the most frightening phenomena of nature are the clouds of sand and dust that sweep away everything in their path, turning day into night and causing upheavals from northern China to sub-Saharan Africa, worldly hermeneutics also tells us is leaving soulless, totally dehumanized. Of course, we urgently need to activate another, more authentic sensitivity, as well as another communion of pulses, which leads us to wake up from this passive and cruel way of living among analogues. Unfortunately, we colonize a chameleon spirit of mental rigidity or hypocritical flexibility, instead of developing an inner growth that leads us to discern. The evil spirit is always there, with the bitter feeling, trying to divide us, showering us with hate and revenge.

The power of the world is truly stormy, we must be aware of it, but there is also a harmonic force that moves us internally and that we cannot abandon. We are here to rebuild ourselves, not to destroy ourselves; to fraternize us, not to separate us. Undoubtedly, it is our task to learn to live in moments of crisis. Everything affects us all. Consequently, we must add capacities to face the accumulation of adversities that are presented to us daily. Of course, there is no better response than a joint one to stop crucifying ourselves with a thousand martyrs. Hopefully we will learn to love each other, to take another more restorative countenance of the human race, to be more dialogue than confinement in short. At the end of the day, we must always return to the word, which is a heartbeat of unity when impregnated with affection, to the word that is the acoustic configuration of ideas, or to the oratory of beautiful thoughts, in short.

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Indeed, no matter how intense the real storms and the torments suffered, the sun always shines again between the mundane clouds. It is seen that there is no better experiential step than making living projects in communion. Already in his time, the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy warned him, with that phrase that later turned out to be famous and eternal: “Marriage is a boat that carries two people through a stormy sea; if one of the two makes any sudden movement, the boat sinks. In truth, it is so. By themselves, we can do nothing. Let’s not let ourselves be overcome by tiredness either. Our interior, as soon as we dive into it, is an inexhaustible source of life. The trap is always to go back. Well no, each dawn carries the aroma of a rising enthusiasm. Deep down there is always a light that calls us to meet again, perhaps with a more poetic than mundane mentality. Therefore; the inspiration to power and the creative muse, to the daily exercise of coexisting.


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June 9, 2023.-

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