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Adhere to Lide, Shuren and Cultivate New Talents of the Times – Studying and Implementing the Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Reply ②_Xinhua News Agency

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Adhere to Lide, Shuren and Cultivate New Talents of the Times——Learn and Implement the Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Reply ②

In his reply letter to the returning young scholars from Nanjing University, General Secretary Xi Jinping earnestly urged everyone to “persistently build morality and cultivate people”. Building morality and cultivating people is the fundamental task of education and the foundation of colleges and universities. Conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important reply, and require the majority of educators to deeply grasp and consciously adhere to morality and cultivating people, and constantly cultivate new talents of the era who are worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation.

A country cannot prosper without virtue, and a person cannot stand without virtue. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to cultivating socialist builders and successors. He has repeatedly emphasized on many occasions that educators must take moral cultivation as the fundamental task and central link of education, and internalize moral cultivation into university construction. And management of various fields, aspects, and links, so as to cultivate people as the core and morality as the foundation. This points out the way forward and provides important guidelines for us to run education in the new era.

To become a talent, one must first establish morality, and one must first cultivate morality and self-cultivation. The older generation of scientists, such as Li Siguang and Cheng Kaijia, are themselves examples of “literacy”. They are concerned about national rejuvenation and determined to serve the motherland. They studied hard during their study abroad, and after they succeeded in their studies, they resolutely chose to return to China. In the construction of the country, they will go wherever they need it, and even change their research direction and choose to remain anonymous for the sake of national development… Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, many young talents have carried forward the fine tradition of studying abroad and serving the country, returning to China to join the cause of science and education, and in their respective On the post, he worked hard to serve the motherland and serve the people, and achieved fruitful results. Blue and blue one after another, passed on from generation to generation. Having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first has always been the conscious pursuit of generations of educators.

Adhering to the principle of morality and cultivating people, the majority of educators are required to take the lead in setting an example, showing great morality, abiding by public morality, and strict private morality. Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei. The predecessors’ interpretation of “normal” is “learning high to be a teacher, and being a model”. For educators in the new era, “Lide” means taking the lead in learning Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and always maintaining a firm and correct political direction; it means taking the lead in practicing the core values ​​of socialism, always upholding the truth and spreading the truth , to actively transmit positive energy to students and the society; that is, to take the lead in self-discipline and self-discipline, to show an example and set an example for students to respect morality and goodness.

Adhering to morality and cultivating people, the majority of educators are required to take morality as the foundation, and implement the requirements of “morality” in all aspects and all processes of education work. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the effectiveness of cultivating people with morality should be the fundamental standard for testing all the work of the school, so as to truly educate people with culture and morality, and continuously improve students’ ideological level, political awareness, moral quality, and cultural quality. Education authorities and educational institutions at all levels should carefully compare the fundamental standard of “cultivating people with morality”, and consciously integrate it into all aspects of ideological and moral education, cultural knowledge education, and social practice education, and run through basic education, vocational education, and higher education. field. We must attach great importance to doing a good job in ideological and political work, innovate and carry out ideological and political education, and cultivate socialist builders and successors for the country who are red and professional, have both political integrity and talent, and have an all-round development of morality, intelligence, sports, beauty and labor.

Technology and talents have always been the advantages that support the development of Jiangsu. General Secretary Xi Jinping has always paid great attention to the development of Jiangsu and placed high hopes on it. On the new journey, he has given Jiangsu the glorious mission of “striving to be an example, an example, and to be at the forefront”. The vast number of young scholars in the province should carry forward the fine traditions, consciously cultivate morality and build their souls, have “national affairs” in their hearts, shoulder “national responsibilities”, and implement the ardent entrustment of the General Secretary with practical actions, so as to take up new missions and write new chapters. Continue to make new and greater contributions.

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