Home News Administrative elections, chaos of seats in Palermo: lack of ballots and staff for voting, lifts breakdown

Administrative elections, chaos of seats in Palermo: lack of ballots and staff for voting, lifts breakdown

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Administrative elections, chaos of seats in Palermo: lack of ballots and staff for voting, lifts breakdown

There is no peace in Palermo. After the four unpresentable reported by the Anti-Mafia Commission, and after the arrest on charges of political-mafia electoral exchange of the candidate for the Municipal Council of the Brothers of Italy, Francesco Lombardo, it is chaos at the polling stations, where a hundred presidents have given flat rate. In the race against time to replace them, two other inconveniences are added: the delay in delivering the ballot papers and the malfunctioning of the two electoral office lifts, in the building in Piazza Giulio Cesare.

Sections paralyzed, slow procedures on the eve of the vote
Less than 12 hours after the opening of the ballot boxes for the administrative elections, according to ANSA, there are about one hundred selected presidents and tellers who did not show up in the early afternoon for the preparatory operations. Many without giving any warning. Not only. In several sections the ballots have not been handed over, which must be signed. There is talk of tens of thousands of cards not yet arrived.

The Municipality activates the Prefecture in search of substitutes
The Municipality immediately informed the Prefecture, the Department of Local Authorities of the Sicilian Region also intervened. “We are looking for substitutes for presidents everywhere, we had already alerted the Bar and Accountants as soon as we learned that there were gaps and a series of names were reported to us,” says the head of electoral electoral service Alessandra Autore.

Failures to the electoral office lifts, inconvenience to the elderly and disabled
Furthermore, since this morning, both elevators of the electoral office of the Municipality of Palermo, in the building in Piazza Giulio Cesare, have failed. According to a city councilor, “today a lady in a wheelchair was locked in the elevator for more than half an hour and the technicians had to intervene to free her.” Disabled and elderly people would be practically unable to collect the electoral certificates, given that part of these are located on the fourth floor of the historic building where the civil status offices are located. A technician was called but – according to Ansa reports – he was unable to solve the problem.

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Magi (+ Europe): Lamorgese intervene immediately
“From the news coming from the electoral committee of our candidate for mayor in Palermo, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, it seems that in the Sicilian capital there would be more than 100 seat presidents for tomorrow’s administrative elections: many scrutineers and list representatives are still waiting to know if the seat will open or not. A serious and alarming situation “says Riccardo Magi, deputy and president of + Europa, who asks the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese” to intervene with the utmost urgency to restore legality and democracy and guarantee the citizens of Palermo the right to vote “.

Municipal, Morra: 18 “unpresentable”, 4 in Palermo. Here are the names

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