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I thought it was Aesop, but it was the news agencies. In fact, the news of the agreement reached in the United States for a spending plan of one thousand eight hundred and fifty billion dollars comes out (the idea gives better figures, and I think you write it like this: $ 1,850,000,000,000).

I do not want to go into the merits of decisions, I confess my incompetence, so I rely on the statement issued by the Joe Biden administration and published by the New York Times: “It is the most incisive investment of this generation in children and health care, the effort largest in history in the fight against climate change, a historic tax cut for tens of millions of middle-class families and the largest expansion of health care in decades.

I read it on agencies but I swear I thought it was Aesop. Do you remember Aesop? That of fairy tales like The fox and the grape or The cicada and the ant, which seem written for ten-year-old children but are aimed at us older children, because we get a little salt for the pumpkin. Well, the point is not so much the enormity of the allocation, but how the destination was decided, and Biden himself explained it after having dealt with the Trumpian republicans, not with Renzi.

Here it is: “We spent hours and hours for months and months working on it. Nobody got what they wanted, including me, but this is the compromise, this is the consensus around a solution, and that’s what I fought for ». Brief apologue on the meaning of politics: renouncing purity for the consensus around a solution, the word of Aesop the American.

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