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Afro leaders question Francia Márquez and ask for more support

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Afro leaders question Francia Márquez and ask for more support

According to the most recent Invamer survey, the image of Vice President Francia Márquez was unfavorable to Colombians, amounting to 59.9%. This disapproval obtained by the senior official is due to different controversies that she has been involved in in recent months, in addition to the fact that Afro-Colombian leaders from various regions assure that they do not feel her support, as she had promised during the electoral campaign.

Regarding the role of accompaniment of the vice president in the different regions of the country where the community is hit by the wave of violence. Francisco Silva, community and social leader of the Sanquianga subregion, located in the Nariño Pacific, explained that since he came to power nine months ago, France has not visited this place where the force of dissent has increased.

“We do not criticize the international links that the vice president is looking for, and even less with a continent as rich as Africa. But we do ask that, since there is time on her agenda for that, she also visit the territories really affected by multiple causes. We voted to have a greater representation in the national government, not to replicate abandonment practices of past governments,” Silva said.

Another example is in the department of Chocó after the recent acts of violence resulting from clashes between the ELN guerrilla and the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, which have been unleashing since May 21 in various areas of the municipalities of Sipí and novita. In this region they also demand the presence of the vice president.

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Social leader Esther Caicedo emphasized: “Evidence is stronger than words. This week several houses were burned in the municipality of Vigía del Fuerte, dozens of people were affected, and go see what Francia Márquez’s pronouncement on this has been. I have the answer: none.

“We do not ask for support from any other ruler, because no one understands the anguish and needs of the black like the black himself. France was our hope to be heard. It was our hope of change, but it was not like that. Today our problems continue to hurt only us,” added Caicedo.

On the other hand, the complaints for the multiple violations of human rights continue, in the last report of the verification commission of the Ombudsman’s Office it was reported that, in the rural area of ​​Buenaventura, the multiple confrontations between the dissident groups of the Farc , that is, between the Segunda Marquetalia and the ‘Jaime Martínez’ dissidents have left uninhabited areas.

In this same sense, a leader from the rural area of ​​Buenaventura, assured that with the election of France and Gustavo Petro, a great illusion was created in this region: “With the so-called total peace and the ceasefire, the acts of violence in the territories of black communities. We are at the mercy of what the violent decide, they are killing us and nobody says anything, nobody is scandalized, ”she pronounced.

“To the vice president I say: she knows me because we walked these territories together, that we expected her support, I do not want to say that with her coming to power they would change historical practices of violence, but at least we expected messages of solidarity, that she would raise her voice before the world to say that blacks in Colombia are being killed,” said the leader.

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Image of Vice President Francia Márquez has fallen sharply since her election

Vice President Francia Márquez, who obtained a lot of disadvantage in the southwestern region, an area in which she had done well at election time.

This survey shows that only 27.9% of the people surveyed approve of the performance of the vice president in the 10 months of government that she has been in office. The unfavorability of the official increased to 59.9%. The blow is stronger if one takes into account that at electoral time Francia Márquez had obtained more than 700,000 votes in the inter-party consultation, which earned her later election as the vice-presidential formula of the then candidate, Gustavo Petro.

Another of the hard blows that was evidenced in the survey is that of the regions. One of the strongest, for her, was the one received in the southwestern part of the country, since it can be considered that it was her fortress at the time of the electoral campaign. There she obtained in the survey a 32% approval against 54.6% disapproval. If we compare it with the period in which she was elected as vice president, she was at higher levels than President Gustavo Petro.

It should be noted that the region in which her image falls the most in relation to the rest of the country is where she obtained the largest number of voters and where she had the most acceptance. with Infobae

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