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After a fatal accident on a footpath in Diegem: “The boy is holding up, but he doesn’t know yet that his daddy is no longer there”

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The accident happened on Wednesday morning around 7.20 am on the corner of Schetsstraat and Haachtsesteenweg in Diegem, Flemish Brabant. Mohamed accompanied his son to the bus stop every morning to continue his commute to school. They were standing unsuspectingly on the sidewalk near that bus stop when a car suddenly hit them in the back. The vehicle ran over the dad, as footage from a security camera from across the street shows. The boy, who was wearing a fluorescent vest, received a serious side blow from the car.

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Caterer-butcher Johan Cloetens (55), who has a business across the street, heard the accident. “I was at work when suddenly that blow sounded. There were a lot of people there, everyone came running. At first I thought it was a cyclist. I immediately started looking and I’m not happy about it. The father and child were just hit,” he says.

Operated immediately

Emergency services tried to resuscitate Mohamed, but he died on the spot. His son was rushed to Saint-Luc hospital in Brussels. He suffered severe internal bleeding and fractures and was in danger of dying for a long time.

“He had surgery. His condition is still critical, but he will make it,” said the boy’s devastated aunts. “Despite the serious injuries, he is holding up very well, his mother watches over his bedside and is with him in the hospital. But he doesn’t know yet that his daddy has died. It’s all so terrible. The police suddenly showed up at Mohamed’s door, it was his daughter who opened the door and was told the terrible news about the accident,” it said.

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Switching error

The driver, a 34-year-old woman who lives on the same street as the victims, was interviewed by the police and gave a negative alcohol and drug test. She made a mistake when switching gears: her Peugeot has an automatic gearbox. She wanted to reverse to leave, but put the car – which was parked on the sidewalk slightly downhill – into ‘drive’ instead of reverse. As a result, it suddenly shot forward many meters, crashed into a traffic pole and then also hit the father and son who were waiting for the bus on the sidewalk.

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Victim Mohamed Messalkhere died at the scene. — © if

Mohamed Messalkhere had lived in the street with his wife, son and daughter for ten years. “I cried when I heard the news,” says neighbor Christiane, who speaks to us together with her husband Robert and other neighbor Alonso. “Mohamed was the kindest man we knew. During corona when older people like us had to stay indoors, he came every day to know how we were doing and whether he could help. A dream neighbor. Every morning we saw him drop off his son at the bus stop on foot, a sweet dad to his children. His daughter is several years older than the son.”

“Mohamed was the kindest man we knew. A dream neighbor, and a sweet dad to his children”


Neighbor across the street

Mohamed worked as a computer scientist at Infrabel, his wife Hanane works for the European Union. Their seriously injured son attended school at the European school in the Brussels municipality of Woluwe. “Mohamed was my eldest brother, we come from a family of eight. He was really a very sweet person,” says his sister Amel.

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Victim support

The public prosecutor’s office also announced that the driver is also receiving victim assistance. “She was interrogated and allowed to dispose of it. She is also very impressed,” she said.

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