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After Kashmir Files and Kerala Story, now the movie “72 Hours”, July 7 release of the movie, trailer viral on social media.

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After Kashmir Files and Kerala Story, now the movie “72 Hours”, July 7 release of the movie, trailer viral on social media.

After Kashmir Files and Kerala Story, now the film 72 hours
July 7 Kofilm release, trailer viral on social media
2024- Before the elections 20 Anti-Muslim films ready for release!!

Mumbai: 05/Jun
(Sahrnews/Social Media Desk)

Producer-director Vivek Agnihotri made the film “Kashmir Files” last year, which created a stir in the country.11 After the release of this film in March, there was a lot of hatred against Muslims from theaters to markets, and appeals were made to boycott the film. It was well appreciated by all the saffron organizations.

There, this film was also made tax-free in BJP-ruled states. There were allegations related to this film that the image of Muslims, especially Kashmiri Muslims, was damaged by showing only one side of the coin in this film. was opposed to. There 15 until the 25 Kashmir Files, a film made with a budget of Rs 340 Earned more than Rs.

Then this year May 5 Co film “The Kerala Story”. The Kerala Story# Released is a film produced by Vipul Amrit Lal Shah under the banner of Sunshine Pictures. The Kerala Story written and directed by Sudiptu Sen stars Uda Sharma, Yogita Behani, Sonia Balani and Siddhi Adnani. Acting.

While releasing the teaser of this film in November last year, the filmmakers claimed that the film is based on true stories from the state of Kerala. 32,000 Hindu and Christian women were converted and sent to Syria, Yemen and other countries and handed over to the terrorist organization ISIS. Most of them are either buried in the soil or are with the terrorists.

Two days before the film’s release, the filmmakers changed the description of the film with Aiyaary to be the story of three girls. Petitions were filed in the Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court seeking a ban on the release of the film, which were rejected. However, the Supreme Court ordered the filmmaker to make it clear at the beginning of the film that the film does not contain true stories but is fictional. 32,000 There is no official record of conversion of religion. According to the Economic Times report, the film Kerala Story 22 By May 224 What is the business worth crores of rupees?

The film Kerala Story was also mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his campaign speech for the Karnataka assembly elections last month. After watching Kerala Story, he said that this film contains true stories. Kerala Story was released tax free in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

While criticizing the film Kerala Story, Kerala Chief Minister Panna Rai Vijayan wrote on Facebook that “Through this film, Kerala, which is the land of secularism, has been presented as a center of religious terrorism and the propaganda of the Sangh Parivar has been advanced.” Senior Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had tweeted that this is not our Kerala. After watching this film, a woman had told the media that after watching the film, Muslims have become afraid!!

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Senior and veteran multi-award winning actor Naseeruddin Shah had termed the film Kerala Story as a propaganda film of Nazi Germany four days ago and said that it seems that we are on the path of Nazi Germany where during Hitler’s time, filmmakers was taken along, tried to fit in, films were made by the Supreme Leader praising him and what he had done for his fellow countrymen and the Jewish community was looked down upon. He said that many master filmmakers left this place and came to Hollywood and made films there.

Now the trailer of an O film from the same Bollywood has been released on Sunday, the name of which is controversial and against the faith of Muslims. The name of this film is 72 hours #72HOORAIN placed. of this film 51 Trailer containing Sec June 3 It was posted on Twitter on the night of and now it has gone viral on various social media platforms and is trending regularly. This trailer starts with Osama Bin Laden, Ajmal Kasab, Yaqub Memon, Masood Azhar involved in terrorist activities. , Hafiz Saeed, Sadiq Saeed, Bilal Ahmed and others have been photographed.

The film directed by Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan.72 hoursJuly 7 will be released in Indian cinemas.2019 It was made into a film starring Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir in lead roles. According to the filmmakers, the film focuses on the consequences of violent extremism. Sanjay Chauhan, who also edited the film, told the media. that the story is a “tragic reminder of the power of manipulation” and the “urgent need to address the root causes of terrorism”. ”

He said that “criminals poison the minds with silence and turn ordinary people into suicide bombers. We should remember that suicide bombers are also victims of terrorist leaders’ fabricated beliefs and their families like ours.” They have been brainwashed. 72 hours are trapped in the fatal illusion of
he said 72 Trapped in the deadly delusion of the virgins (Hoors), they set off on a path of destruction, ultimately meeting a terrible fate.

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Ashok Pandit, the assistant producer of this film, yesterday, Sunday June 4 has tweeted the trailer/teaser of this film. As of now 1.6 million People have seen this video 7،500 More than 100,000 retweets have been done. Also, many users have retweeted the trailer, which has been seen by millions of users.


the film 72 hours under the Premier Indian Panorama section 2019International Film Festival of India iffi# I was born in the state of Goa, where this film 72 hours To ICFT-UNESCO GANDHI MEDAL# A special award was given. While 2021 Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan won the National Film Award for Best Director for this film.

Producer Gulab Singh Tanwar said.72 hoursIt is the perfect story to show how fake stories are sold in the name of religion to turn innocent and ordinary people into brutal terrorists. “While associate producer Ashok Pandit, known as a staunch supporter of the BJP, urged the public to watch the film with a rational mind.”

He said that this film will definitely make you think about certain beliefs prevalent in the society and how they are just figments of imagination. It will make you think about these concepts and ideas. Which are not even close to the truth in any way, and how they are just used after brainwashing to convert people into terrorists in the name of Jihad.

Now there has been outrage among Muslims in this regard 72 The mention and promise of hoors are in the Quran. And these hoors will be found by those who will do good deeds in the world, serve people. In the name of terrorism, those who make innocent people sleep in the sleep of death, destroy settlements. Horus was not promised for the people, the unjust killings and those who played the holi of blood. Because the unjust killing of a human being has been warned by Islam as the murder of all humanity.

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Indian Muslims have always been far away from supporting terrorism and terrorists. And those who were jailed for years on these charges have been honorably acquitted by the courts. I was not involved in and never desecrated the religious places of the followers of other religions, did not support adulterers and murderers, did not distribute sweets when they came out of jails and did not take out processions making them heroes. ! And Muslims are not included among those who fled the country after looting crores of rupees from the banks and those who were arrested for betraying the country.

Muslims feel that Islam and Muslims are being targeted by such films from time to time. And continuous efforts are being made to convert the Ganges culture of this country into religious hatred and a certain group of such films are being used by its leaders and class. The support is also worrying.

The film is also being accused of being a propaganda film against Muslims like Lashmere Files and Kerala Story, according to film critic Kamal R Khan. KRK# by May 31 Revealed in his tweet that approx 20 Anti-Muslim films are in production right now and all those films 2024 will be released before the elections. If people accept these films, then BJP will do a clean sweep. If people consider them as propaganda, then BJP will be washed away. Let’s wait and see.

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