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After ten years, Brazilian ‘call girl’ is still arrested for murder of Belgian sailor (Brussels)

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The marriage of the Brussels Louis Marot and the Brazilian Elaine Marques quickly turned into a nightmare. — © rr

Brazil –

A former call girl has been arrested in Brazil for the murder of Louis Marot (52), an emigrated sailor and café owner. Ten years after she poisoned him and slit his throat, she is still behind bars.

Louis Marot was known in Ganshoren in Brussels. Around the turn of the century he ran a café there. However, his big dream was sailing. After wanderings, the Brussels sailor ended up in Brazil. Near Salvador de Bahia he settled near the beach. He earned a living by maintaining sailing ships. Marot loved the nightlife and met Elaine Marques, a 28-year-old former call girl according to the Brazilian Globo. A story of blind love.

Shrewd murderess

The two got married, but the dream quickly became a nightmare. Was Marques just after the money? She herself stated that he changed completely after just eight months of marriage. It ended with a murder plan: Marques mixed the muscle relaxant Diazepam in his tea, causing him to fall into a deep sleep. After which she planted a knife in the throat of the Brussels resident twice. Finally he fell dead in the garden.

She first came up with a story about a robbery, but quickly fell through, as the murder weapon was still on the kitchen table. Moreover, the bleeding victim was also seen on camera images.

For unknown reasons, Elaine Marques was able to remain out of the clutches of the Brazilian justice system all this time, despite an international arrest warrant. At the beginning of this week she was still arrested for the murder. Whether a trial will follow remains to be seen.


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