Home News After the anti-mafia ban, the Don Milani schools closed until November 2022

After the anti-mafia ban, the Don Milani schools closed until November 2022

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New tender for expansion after the withdrawal of the fourth company. The refurbishment will start in the autumn and will last for one year

TREVISO. First bell in all schools, yesterday, except at the Don Milani of San Zeno that after the boulder of the anti-mafia ban on the company responsible for the works for the expansion of the building remains an abandoned construction site. A heavy grain the one with which the Public Works has to deal after even the fourth company on the list refused to finish the works left halfway by the Lm Group Consortium expelled from the Municipality. “The complex will not reopen its doors at least until November 2022,” admits the commissioner Sandro Zampese.

The dilapidated extension

The landslide began in January with the anti-mafia ban issued by the prefecture against the company that had won the contract for the extension of the school (whose pupils have been or have been transferred to nearby Tommaseo for months). The Municipality, responsible for the tender won by the Lm Group, underlining that it had done everything in order, could not do anything but revoke the assignment immediately.

He hoped to entrust the completion of the work to the second on the list, but took a net no. In the spring he tried the third one which responded as the previous one. At the beginning of the summer he made the same offer to the fourth classified, once again receiving a “nothing to do”.

Blame? Costs, according to what Ca ‘Sugana reports, “now based on specifications three years ago”. Solution? It was thought to combine the completion of the extension (gym and canteen) with the restoration works (contract already worth 2.3 million) but it was not possible. And the grits have added to the grits.

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Two distinct races

Ca ‘Sugana thus had to rethink two distinct competitions: one to finish the works closed due to the mafia, the other to restore the existing building. He has successfully started the second, entrusting the work to Biasuzzi, but for the first it is still high seas. «It is necessary to review the costs of the material and of the works necessary to complete the work, only then will we redo an ad hoc tender» admits Zampese, «we are at work but it will take time».

When? «At least until spring, then there will be race times and construction site times. It will take two to three months to complete the surgery ».

Times that will cross with those for the restoration that Biasuzzi should start at the end of November and that will last – according to the time schedule – about a year.

“The two sites will be able to coexist, we have already studied the way” underlines the commissioner for public works. Even if for now, and for a long time, Biasuzzi will only have to live with a silent reinforced concrete sarcophagus which is today the construction site closed for the mafia. «We hope to reopen the complex by the end of autumn 2022» Ca ‘Sugana spreads his arms and all that remains is to cross his fingers.

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