Home News After the infrastructure rises, the environmental protection rises!The concept of soil census is on fire, these stocks are 20% daily limit, and new energy is on the rise.

After the infrastructure rises, the environmental protection rises!The concept of soil census is on fire, these stocks are 20% daily limit, and new energy is on the rise.

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In early trading today, A shares rose slightly, but only from the half-day turnover in the morning, the Shanghai stock market hit the lowest volume this year, showing that the market’s wait-and-see mood still prevails.

On the disk, the environmental protection industry chain is active across the board, and the sub-sectors such as environmental protection, medical waste treatment, air treatment, and garbage classification are among the top gainers; the new energy industry chain is also rising again, and salt lakes extract lithium and lithiumBattery, energy storage, battery swap concepts and other sectors were active. Sectors such as tourism, hotel and catering, media and entertainment, and sports concepts were among the top decliners.Northbound Fundsnet inflow3.74 billion yuan.

  Soil census catalysis

  Environmental protection stocks strengthened across the board

The State Council issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Third National Soil Census”, and decided to carry out the third national soil census from 2022, and use four years to comprehensively check the soil quality of agricultural land. The “Notice” clarifies that the construction of a new development pattern should be accelerated, high-quality development should be promoted, and the principles of comprehensiveness, science, and professionalism should be followed, and the types and distribution patterns of soils in my country, the status quo and changing trends of soil resources should be comprehensively identified, and soil resources should be truly and accurately grasped. Basic data such as quality, traits and utilization status.

Affected by this positive effect, environmental protection stocks rose sharply across the board in early trading. The environmental protection sector index opened higher and moved higher, rising by more than 3% during the session. The trading volume only 30 minutes before the opening of the market exceeded that of the whole day yesterday.Crown EcologyConstruction repair20% daily limit,Zhuo Jin Co., Ltd.Enlightenment environmentWaiting for more than 10 stocks to reach the daily limit or rise by more than 10%; the wind and sand control sector also rose by more than 4%.Mongolian grass ecologyThe medical waste treatment sector also rose by more than 3%, the air treatment sector rose by more than 2%, and the automobile dismantling, sewage treatment, PPP and other sectors were significantly active.

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On the interactive platform, questions about the soil census have also increased suddenly, and many companies have made it clear that they will actively participate in the soil census.Pony TestSaid that, as a well-known third-party large-scale comprehensive inspection and certification group in China, it has a networked laboratory nearby service layout across the country. A total of 21 laboratories in Pony Group and its subsidiaries have been successfully shortlisted in the list of farmland quality standardization laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The company has participated in the first two national soil censuses and is qualified to participate in the third soil census.early morningPony TestIt rose in a straight line during the session, rising by more than 13%.

  Shandong HuapengIt also stated on the interactive platform that Tianyuan Information, a holding subsidiary, actively participated in the third round of soil survey business nationwide.Shandong HuapengIn early trading, it also rose by more than 8% in a straight line.

  GF SecuritiesIt is expected that solid waste, hazardous waste, renewable resources, water affairs, monitoring and other fields in the environmental protection sub-industry are expected to fully benefit, and the overall investment in environmental protection is expected to increase significantly in 2022.At present, the latest PE-TTM of the environmental protection sector is only 17.71 times, and the institutional allocation and valuation are at the bottom of history, and emphasis is placed on new infrastructure expectations + environmental protection enterprisesperformanceContinued realization of the bottom reversal opportunity.

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firstsecuritiesHe said that under the background of stable growth, infrastructure investment is an important way, and environmental infrastructure investment will also become an important area for stable growth. Environmental protection companies in the fields of sewage treatment, domestic waste treatment, solid and hazardous waste treatment and recycling will usher in more business opportunities.

  Lithium power prices are rising

  New energy is on the rise again

China Auto PowerBatteryThe Industrial Innovation Alliance announced yesterday that my country’s momentum in January 2022BatteryAccording to the data, the total production capacity was 29.7GWh, a year-on-year increase of 146.2%. In terms of loading volume, the loading volume of ternary lithium batteries in January this year was 7.3GWh, and the loading volume of lithium iron phosphate batteries was 8.9GWh. In the context of the increase in volume, prices also continued to climb, with 99.5% battery-grade domestic lithium carbonate rising 2.43% in January to 442,000 yuan/ton.

Both prices and volumes rose, causing a strong rebound in the new energy industry-related sectors that had been continuously adjusted in the previous period. Among them, the salt lake lithium extraction sector rose unilaterally, soaring more than 6%.BejetHit the 20% daily limit,Donghua TechnologyJinyuan SharesWait for the daily limit or rise by more than 10%; the two sectors of electrolyte and fluorine concept both rose by nearly 5%, and the solid-state battery sector rose by more than 3%. The surge in lithium batteries has driven the overall rise of new energy sub-sectors such as UHV, photovoltaics, and smart grids.

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in addition,Ningde eraIn the investor relations activity disclosed yesterday, he said that the ultimate solution for models in the range of 80,000 to 120,000 yuan is to replace the battery with chocolate. Electric replacement is more difficult for models in the price range of 80,000 to 120,000. Using chocolate battery swap products to match the corresponding models can make the initial purchase cost of new energy vehicles (excluding batteries) lower than that of fuel vehicles, and the speed of battery replacement is equal to fuel vehicles. , to solve the problem of cost performance.

This also stimulated the collective strength of the concept of power exchange today, and the sector index rose unilaterally by more than 2% in early trading.Roman Sharesdaily limit,Shenghong sharesHanchuan IntelligenceWait for the increase.

CNACsecuritiesSaid that battery replacement can save time, reduce costs, and completely solve mileage anxiety; the cost of power batteries accounts for about 40% of the price of the entire vehicle. The way of leasing greatly reduces the cost of buying a car.

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