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After the seizure of SARS in Uttar Pradesh, the Forest Department registered a case against Arif, issued notices under five different provisions.

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After the seizure of SARS in Uttar Pradesh, the Forest Department registered a case against Arif, issued notices under five different provisions.

After the seizure of SARS in Uttar Pradesh, the Forest Department registered a case against Arif
Notice issued under five different provisions, 2 Directed to appear for inquiry on April

Lucknow: 26. March
(Sahrnews.com/Social Media Desk)

In the month of February, Muhammad Arif, a resident of Amethi district in the state of Uttar Pradesh.30(year-old) and his bird friend Stork’s videos made a splash in the state, national, international media organizations apart from social media. And his videos were watched by millions of people on news channels and social media platforms.

Many news channels made many news stories on this strange friendship of Arif and Saras. Millions of people watched their videos on Instagram and Facebook accounts of Muhammad Arif. Everyone who saw these videos appreciated the surprise. What was expressed?

Mohammad Arif, a resident of “Mandka Village” under Jamu Block, Gauriganj Tehsil of Amethi District, told the media that a year ago, he found the stork in his field in an injured state with one leg broken. brought him to his home and treated him, took care of him till his wounds were healed. After which Muhammad Arif and his family members said that after he got well, the stork did not fly back as he had expected. He believed and from that time he started living with them in their house.

However, this happiness did not come true for Muhammad Arif and Saras whenMarch 21 Forest department officials reached his house and got the stork from him saying that stork is not a pet bird. Thus it is not good to live among humans, it should be kept in natural environment.

Arif has become lonely since Saras was taken away and has been pleading with the government through his videos to give back his Saras, whom he has raised like his own child. Arif also said that Sars cannot live without him. But their pleas were ignored. Remember that the stork is the state bird of the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is one of the highest flying birds.

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Later today, a complaint was filed against Mohammad Arif by the Forest Department officials of Goriganj, Amethi regarding wild animals and birds. 1972 A notice has been issued to them registering a case under five different sections of the Act and they have been directed to inquire. April 2 Submitted by CFO Ranveeramshra 14 /2022-2023Protection against wild animals under the provisions of the Act 2، 9، 29 ، 51 And 52 A case has been registered on allegations of violation ofApril 2 It is difficult to say what will happen after Mohammad Arif will be questioned by the forest department officials.!!

Arif has confirmed on his Instagram account that a case has been registered against him by the Forest Department and he has been summoned for questioning.

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It is said that the stork has been quarantined for 15 days before being released with other birds in the Kanpur zoo as it has been living among humans.

On the other hand, when the stork was taken from Arif’s house, there were reports in the media that the stork had flown away from the forest department’s possession. After that, Arif’s worries increased. He went from village to village looking for the stork. But he did not find it. There, the officials of the forest department denied these reports and claimed that the stork had not gone anywhere and was in their possession. And it is left in Samastipur area.!!

While retrieving the stork from Arif’s possession, District Forest Officer (DFO) Amethi district Devnath Shah had said that the stork is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and therefore cannot be kept in captivity. Ravi Singh had said that we have a system in place to protect and nurture him.

He said that you cannot touch its wings or hold it close to you. Humans are not allowed to touch storks. Storks should be allowed to live in the wild and cannot be domesticated and humans. Contact with them cannot be allowed. He added that these birds need food of insects, bugs and fish.

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Saras and Arif have been living together for the past one year and their couple became known as Jai and Veero in the village, but since February, the stories of Saras and Arif’s friendship, the closeness between them, the food of both in the same pot and Many videos of endless affection for each other started gaining popularity in the country and abroad on the media and social media. Social media users are also appreciating Arif’s human spirit and loyalty of the stork. Arif used to address this stork as my child. When the stories of this amazing friendship of Arif and Saras became public, a large number of people and media started reaching Mandka village where Arif’s house is located.

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At the same time March 5 On reaching Kogaon, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh YadavWhile meeting Arif and Saras, he said that he came here only after seeing his report on BBC. He praised Muhammad Arif’s spirit of humanity and expressed his happiness. And he was for some time. were mixed with the storks.

March 22 General Secretary UP Congress on his verified Facebook account Priyanka Gandhi Vadrawrote in Hindi with a picture of Arif and Saras eating on the same plate that “Arif and Saras, a resident of Amethi, had a friendship like Jai Veero. Living together, eating together, coming and going together, their friendship is like that of humans and animals.” An example of friendship. Arif raised his beloved stork like a family member, cared for him, loved him. By doing this he set an example of human duty towards animals and birds which is admirable. Is.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra further wrote in her Facebook post that “Recently ‘The Elephant Whispers’ received an Oscar Award, whose story is also a sensitive story of an elephant and a man. These stories make us emotional because all the symbols found in human life and the environment complement each other. We love our animals, birds, trees, Forests, mountains, glaciers, seas and rivers have to be saved and protected.

Only a beautiful and healthy environment can give a beautiful life and such stories of love between humans and wild animals inspire us. Governments also have a duty to take inspiration from such stories and empathize with the loving relationship between wildlife and humans. Pick your pearls.”

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There, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav had alleged in a press conference that Sars was taken away from Arif because he went to meet him and congratulate him. Akhilesh Yadav expressed regret and said. That it is very rare when a stork makes such a friendship with a human being is a subject of research. He said that the treatment of the stork served him and the friendship between the two after that was exemplary. Akhilesh Yadav asked. Was this the constitution?

Meanwhile, yesterday former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav tweeted two videos and wrote that “A bird in a zoo… what kind of freedom is this?” In the press conference, Akhilesh Yadav has also condemned the filing of a case against Arif.

Full details and videos related to Arif and Sars on this link

Officials of the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department took the Sars into custody, Arif Ranjeeda

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