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Aggressive motorist gives bus driver several blows: “Unfortunately this happens often” (Destelbergen)

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A De Lijn driver was hit by an aggressive motorist in Destelbergen on Friday evening. There were no passengers on the bus when the incident happened.

Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 7:34 PM

The bus driver was driving back to the depot when he got into a fight with a motorist. It is currently unclear what exactly happened, but the motorist managed to get onto the bus. “The driver received several serious blows, but was eventually able to get the aggressive man off his bus,” says Ine Pieters, spokeswoman for De Lijn.

The driver continued his journey to the depot, but the motorist continued to pursue him. “Fortunately, several colleagues were present at the depot,” says Pieters. “As a result, it remained a matter of verbal aggression, after which the motorist drove away. Our driver was taken to the emergency room, but there is no indication of incapacity for work at the moment.”

Camera images

There is camera footage of the incident on the bus, but for privacy reasons it cannot be viewed until Monday. “Hopefully they will provide a definitive answer. The bus driver says he got stuck, but we have no certainty about that yet. The images will also be transferred to the police.”

Bus drivers being hit is unfortunately something that happens more often, says Pieters: “Unfortunately, many people in public positions occasionally have to deal with aggression. Not only De Lijn employees, but also, for example, NMBS staff, ambulance officers or firefighters. We have already stated several times that something like this cannot be tolerated.”

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