Home News Aid decree bis and new arms provision in Kiev, the first dossiers on the table of the outgoing government

Aid decree bis and new arms provision in Kiev, the first dossiers on the table of the outgoing government

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Aid decree bis and new arms provision in Kiev, the first dossiers on the table of the outgoing government

Having left behind the week that registered his fall, the resigning executive led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in office for handling current affairs until the elections on 25 September and the installation of a new team at Palazzo Chigi , deals with the first dossiers of the “new course”: the Aid bis decree, which should see the light at the latest in the first week of August, and the new provision for sending weapons to Ukraine.

Draghi summons the trade unions, help for families

The premier has resigned and the government’s operations limited to current management. But the economic emergency, starting with inflation that runs and affects the purchasing power of families, has convinced Draghi to go straight to the completion of the decree baptized “Aid-bis”. Hence the convocation of the trade unions on Wednesday 27 July at Palazzo Chigi. The premier will then also see the employers’ associations. As regards the budget available to finance the measures envisaged by the new intervention, the technicians of the Ministry of Economy and Finance have identified resources between 12 and 13 billion. The hypothesis that took shape after the crisis is to focus on a temporal extension of the solutions already implemented by the previous measures, starting with the replication of an aid for medium-low incomes on the model of the 200 euro bonus and a cut in excise duties on petrol and diesel (just extended to 21 August), and a reduction in VAT on goods in the shopping cart, starting with food. The minimum wage and an anticipation of the tax wedge cut would no longer be on the agenda given the “current” nature of the measures that can be adopted by a resigning government. And the pressure of the unions would concern the urgency of structural measures.

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The fourth weapons decree in Kiev is ready

Not just help for families. Foreign policy, starting with the conflict in Ukraine, also enters the dossiers of this first week of the outgoing executive. In the middle of next week (the convocation is not yet there) the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini will speak before Copasir (The Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic) to illustrate the contents of the new inter-ministerial decree for sending weapons to the government Ukrainian. The fourth Weapons decree is therefore ready: like the three previous measures, it will be signed not only by the Defense Holder but also by the Ministers of the Economy and Foreign Affairs. Also this time the list of armaments will remain classified. On Tuesday 26 July, the joint Foreign and Defense Committees of the Chamber and Senate carry out the communications of Di Maio and Guerini as part of the examination of the resolutions on international missions.

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