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Aid Decree, Draghi sees the unions. Towards the top of the center-right on leadership

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Aid Decree, Draghi sees the unions.  Towards the top of the center-right on leadership


The political day includes a summit of the center-right in Montecitorio to untie the knot of leadership and find an agreement on the colleges. Moratti case in Lombardy: «I await clarification. If it doesn’t come, I’ll feel free, ”he said. Frost with Fountain. Letta clarified that due to the electoral law “certain alliances are mandatory”. The secretary of the Democratic Party has seen Sala and Di Maio

Elections, Salvini: “Whoever takes one more vote chooses and governs”
  • At the start of P. Chigi I meet Draghi with leaders CGIL, CISL and UIL

    The new round of meetings with the social partners is starting at Palazzo Chigi: Prime Minister Mario Draghi is meeting the leaders of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri. At the table the ministers of the Economy Daniele Franco, of Labor, Andrea Orlando, of the Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli and the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Roberto Garofoli.

  • FI: Sessa, I leave the group, necessary after a stop in government

    «I leave the Fi group with political regret and personal suffering: from today I will be in the Mixed group. It is a thoughtful decision, necessary after the decision to stop supporting the Draghi government. I will always be grateful to Berlusconi for the opportunities he has given me, but I remain convinced that the crisis determined by the choices of the party, and above all of its allies, goes against the interests of the moderate world, of businesses, of the citizens of the South where they risk being interrupted. investments never seen in the last twenty years “. This was announced by the deputy Rossella Sessa.

  • Amendola, “Pd does not join forces with those who blew up the government”

    The Democratic Party “is a very united party thanks to the work Enrico Letta has done”, we have given “full mandate to verify electoral alliances obviously not with those who blew up this government, because we have an element of coherence”. Vincenzo Amendola, a member of the Democratic Party and undersecretary for European Affairs, said this in Agorà on Rai Tre.

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