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Al-Burhan reveals the Rapid Support Militia’s incitement of some sheikhs, tribal elders, and citizens to fight the state

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Al-Burhan reveals the Rapid Support Militia’s incitement of some sheikhs, tribal elders, and citizens to fight the state

Sudanese Net:

The head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Al-Qariq Awal Rukn Abdel-Fattah, confirmed that the Sudanese army has not been defeated and will not be defeated, God willing, and that the state’s battle against the Al-Dagalo terrorist militia is a battle of dignity. These forces rebelled and looted the money and property of the Sudanese people, raped their women, and killed citizens. .

Al-Burhan said while addressing the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the 19th Infantry Division in Al-Daba, that the armed forces do not fight alone and that the Sudanese people fight with them, support them and rally around them, pledging to fight until victory for the dignity of this people and their armed forces. He added, “These rebels are leaders and rebels that the Sudanese people will not accept, but rather He will give them a difficult reckoning.”

Al-Burhan confirmed that the rebels are now working to incite tribal elders and citizens to fight the state, the armed forces and the Sudanese people. We have increased information about all these movements and strife, but we are confident that they will not respond to this terrorist militia.

Al-Burhan sent a message to citizens, leaders of civil administrations, sheikhs, and supervisors in Mstaariha and Kabkabiya not to deviate from the right path and be dragged after these criminals.

Al-Burhan reassured the Sudanese people that the armed forces are advancing on all fronts and working hard to achieve victory and defeat this enemy in the near future.

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Al-Burhan pointed out during his speech that the rebels are killing and looting and asking organizations for support and relief, and stressed that this will not happen until this war is stopped and these criminal rebels are defeated from the homes of citizens, government and service institutions, and from all the cities that they looted and occupied in Nyala, El Geneina, Madani, and Khartoum, and return All the loot they stole.

Al-Burhan revealed that the betrayal of the rebel terrorist Rapid Support militia and its aides began in the year 2019 through plans to take over Sudan, and he went on to say, but it is difficult for them, as the Sudanese people and its armed forces will not allow it, stressing that the cancer of the Al-Dagalo terrorist militia rebels will be ended by supporting the Sudanese people and rallying around the state and its armed forces.

Al-Burhan explained that they had agreed, since October the year before last, to form a government from all the Sudanese people and not from specific political forces, but the rebel leader prepared a list to form a government based on loyalty, demanding that we deal with this government, and when we told him this is not our agreement, and that the agreement is to form The government belongs to all the Sudanese people. Then the rebel leader began an alliance with some politicians to rule Sudan alone. He waged his war against the people, the state and the armed forces on April 15 from the Sports City and Meroe and occupied some strategic areas of the state with his soldiers, fabricating lies that the army was the one who attacked them and started the war.

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Commenting on the rumor of a coup, he said that everyone who says there is a coup is false and delusional, stressing that the entire army is at the heart of one man, and all of us together will end this rebellion.

His Excellency praised the efforts of the Sudanese and the heroes of the armed forces who are working against one man to defeat this rebellion and return Sudan to its natural position.

It is worth noting that large crowds of citizens of the city of Dabba spontaneously rushed to receive Al-Burhan in the streets of the city.

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