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Al-Sadiq Al-Ruzaiqi writes: What did Mo Ibrahim and Hamdok do in Nairobi..?

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Al-Sadiq Al-Ruzaiqi writes: What did Mo Ibrahim and Hamdok do in Nairobi..?

Sudani Net:

During the period from May 1-3, and by pure coincidence, our presence in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, coincided with the activities of a workshop for journalists in East Africa on extremism and terrorism, and the celebration with the Kenyan Journalists Union and the East African Journalists Unions of the World Press Freedom Day, this coincided with the presence of the British businessman Of Sudanese origin Mo Ibrahim, and former Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, and the reasons for their presence were not only related to the arrangements for the Good Governance Award awarded by the British billionaire with political ambition, there was another activity covered by the award, to start implementing a conspiratorial plan Western circles are striving hard in it with their local and regional agents to pass it and impose it on Sudan, to re-package and market the previous corrupt product, and to make another attempt to generate a distorted version of a defeated political project, trampled by feet and seasons and walked on by the soles of the people.

My presence in the Kenyan capital allowed me, constructive relations with fellow Kenyan and African journalists, and political dialogues with observers, one of whom delved into the depth of events like a spying agent, so I was able to obtain some information and a small premonition of the details of the conspiratorial act and its relationship to what is happening in the country in terms of a failed bloody coup A hard-fought war has reduced Khartoum to rubble.

Mo Ibrahim invited a number of African leaders, including Muhammad Buhari, the former President of Nigeria, and leaders of the African Union, led by the Chairman of the African Commission, Musa Faki, and personalities with suspicious roles close to international policy-making circles towards Africa. They flocked from European capitals, from South Africa, Senegal, Mauritius, and from United States of America, in addition to former officials of international organizations. And Abdullah Hamdouk was among those invited for his old and close relationship with Mo Ibrahim, as he and his wife used to work in Mo’s office in Dubai, and I think he is now connected to what the billionaire who is looking for a role is doing.

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But this is not the important thing nor what we care about..! The activity of Mo Ibrahim and his reward was just a thick veil that wanted to cover up what was being made and cooked in the East African capital regarding Sudan. Hamdok arrived as the former prime minister, and it seemed as if he was preparing to play the pivotal role in the coming period, and he would come carrying the fumes of war. He had with him his staff, which consisted of (Raul David – the Jew who works with the Mossad and currently runs his office in the United Arab Emirates) and (Omar Manis, minister in the Council of Ministers and former ambassador who worked with the Salvation Army until his head caught gray hair) and ( Salah Manna, a member of the Cemetery Empowerment Removal Committee) and (the son of Mr. Hamdok, who does not understand until this moment what characterization brought him to a meeting of great importance and danger, especially since he works in an Emirati company).

The purpose of the presence of all of these is the meeting that was held on Monday, March 1, 2023 AD at the Presidential Palace and was moderated by the Kenyan President (William Ruto). The meeting with the Kenyan President, including Hamdok and others, Monica currently manages a wide international network of relations in coordination with the Americans and the British, and among her interests is the future of governance and the situation in Sudan.

It was announced that the purpose of the meeting is to arrange and coordinate humanitarian aid to Sudan, in which a number of heads of United Nations agencies participated, as well as participations via video transmission via the (Zoom) application for some of those who were unable to actually attend the meeting.

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The most prominent participants are (Kenyan President William Ruto, Alfred Miyutua, Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Hamdok, Monica Juma, Dr. Amina Mohamed, former Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Marit Griffiths, Coordinator of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Aid, Philippo Grandi, High Commissioner for Refugees, Daniel O’Malley of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Musa Faki of the African Union – Online -, and Volker Peretz, head of the UN Mission in Sudan – participated via video call from Port Sudan, as did officials from the United States, Britain and other European countries. In addition to Omar Manis, former Cabinet Minister.

It is no secret to anyone that the meeting is not to coordinate humanitarian aid, it is a high political meeting aimed at coordinating attempts to create a new political reality and to inherit Hamdok and his group of power through international pressure and arrangements that are taking place in full swing, after the failure of planning through the coup from the Rapid Support, and he was the first face For the scheme that was drawn with extreme precision and its failure was not expected. What was nominated at the meeting was to prepare another quick and final scenario, in which international pressures would grow and intensify on the army, which they believe will weaken after this war, remove it permanently and categorically from power, end any role for it in political work, and consider limiting its number and changing its military and combat doctrines. And purging it of any elements that it believes to be a stumbling block in the way of this political project.

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The meeting and other side meetings held in the presence of Hamdok, as sources in Kenya say, discussed the pretexts that may be available to put Sudan under Chapter VII and the extent of their suitability and adequacy in that, and is it possible to intervene directly or search for other means, and how to pressure through neighboring countries and various regional powers to expel countries Specifically about influencing what is happening in Sudan and gaining new allies for the benefit of this measure.

It is likely that Hamdok and his group, which may not be all the forces of freedom and change, the Central Council of boat owners in its new boat, will be more willing to appear and express the next steps and continue waving and flocking under the spotlights to prepare the internal and local public opinion for their planned return as they fly with wings of wax that will melt Inevitably, in the blazing sun of Khartoum, there is nothing to do in Kenya or any other regional parties after the failure of the project to take power by the force of the gun at home. However, betting on losing horses is the inevitable and indisputable result.

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