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Alcohol and drugs in the park of Tolmezzo, a young man denounced

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Local police intercepted a group of boys

TOLMEZZO. Not just alcohol, but also ecstasy and other pills. The activity set up for the prevention and repression of illicit behavior and the trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances by the staff of the local police force – nucleus of the judicial police of the Mountain Community of Carnia, dates back to last January 31, coordinated by Deputy Commissioner Massimo Pascottini. The agents checked a group of young people, mostly adults, who had occupied the spaces of the city park in Via Forni di Sotto, intent on consuming alcohol.

The area had been repeatedly reported for the frequentation of subjects engaged in disturbing behavior and vandalism against street furniture: the benches and games intended for children were the object of vandalism.

During the identification phases, two boys tried to escape the checks and therefore were approached and accompanied to the offices of the Corps for a thorough inspection from which it emerged that one of the two was hiding, under the mask worn, a plastic container with prepackaged doses of substance amazing. In particular, two doses of hashish and two doses of Mdma or ecstasy in crystals were found, a psychoactive substance belonging to the class of phenylethylamines, with marked stimulating and entactogenic effects, whose intake is linked to the onset of serious heart and / or respiratory problems and of particular danger: even with a single intake there can be an excessive overheating of the body which can cause death.

On the basis of what emerged, the operators extended the searches to the home of the arrested person, finding other amphetamines, in crystals and tablets, as well as cutting substance such as pure caffeine, usually used for this particular synthetic drug, in addition to mannitol, used for cutting. of other narcotic substances and rudimentary packaging material.

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At the end of the operations, the subject, residing in Tolmezzino, of age, was deferred in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Udine on the basis of the laws governing drugs and psychotropic substances, which provides for imprisonment from one to six years.

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