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ALDI Talk prepaid offers – now with 5G

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ALDI Talk is the first German prepaid discounter to offer 5G mobile communications. The prepaid tariffs with 5G are available from 8.99 euros for four weeks.

First prepaid flat rate with 5G

All prepaid offers from ALDI Talk have an Allnet and Internet flat rate, the billing period is four weeks. These are the offers at a glance:

Combination package S: 6 gigabytes for 8.99 euros Combination package M: 12 GB for 14.99 euros Combination package L: 20 GB for 19.99 euros

5G use is only possible in areas with sufficient network coverage. If 5G is not available at the location, mobile phone customers can usually surf the LTE network. A 5G-compatible smartphone is also required. Many newer devices have a suitable chip for the new network standard built in at the factory.

Limited speed in all tariffs

However, the download speed in the new ALDI Talk tariffs is limited to a maximum of 50 Mbit/s. For comparison: With the network operators, speeds from 300 megabits per second and more are possible. Actual bandwidth may vary and depends on local network quality. Congstar proceeds in a similar way: For 5 euros more per month there is a 5G option with 50 Mbit/s in the Telekom network.

If more users are on the move with 5G mobile communications, they are distributed more evenly across the networks – this avoids bottlenecks, especially at busy events such as concerts or in the football stadium. However, a tariff in the LTE network is completely sufficient for most everyday applications.

5G standard for network operators

So far, 5G tariffs have been scarce at discounters. In 2022, klarmobil.de presented its own tariff with 5G mobile communications. Mobilcom-Debitel also offers 5G tariffs. So far, the new mobile communications standard has mainly been used by the network operators Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, 02 and 1&1.

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