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Alert for landslides in the rural area of ​​Palermo, Huila

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Alert for landslides in the rural area of ​​Palermo, Huila

The alarms of the Risk and Disaster Management office have been activated due to the events that occurred this weekend in the rural area of ​​Palermo, Huila.

Authorities visited the most affected areas, including the streets Corozal, Guadualito, El Moral, Lebanon and Alto Pijao in the jurisdiction of Ospina Perez, as well as Horizonte in the jurisdiction of Nilewhere landslides have been recorded that have caused damage to homes, rural aqueducts, crops and other infrastructure.

The Departmental Center for Risk and Disaster Management (CDGRD) was alerted early in the morning of Sunday, April 21, managing the mobilization of the departmental machinery bank to address these eventualities. This management was formalized today, April 22.

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The emergency in the rural area of ​​Palermo is being attended to by the municipal authorities, who have reported that more than 10 kilometers of roads have been completely damaged due to the landslides, also affecting hundreds of hectares of crops, homes and vehicles.

Relief agencies have provided and will continue to provide immediate and timely attention to this emergency.

Likewise, a census was carried out in the area in order to identify the number of families that were affected by these landslides.

The Mayor of Palermo, Kleyver Oviedo, pointed out that efforts are being made in order to overcome the emergency that mainly affects farmers in the rural area of ​​the municipality.

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